Persimmon gardens in Da Lat – an attractive destination for tourists

, Persimmon gardens in Da Lat – an attractive destination for tourists

Da Lat has been recognized as a UNESCO Creative City for music, with various music stages that play a key role in promoting tourism development. Aside from music, the products of this city also contribute significantly to the tourism industry. The natural persimmon gardens, for instance, are integrated with coffee shops and check-in points that are particularly attractive to young people. During the weekends, these gardens are usually teeming with tourists.


Persimmon gardens charge a fee of about 20,000 – 30,000 VND/person, some places are even free. Visitors can buy persimmons to support the garden owner.

As tourism services in Da Lat continue to evolve, destinations like the persimmon gardens are constantly being updated to keep up with the changing times. These changes not only attract visitors from other cities but also provide new and interesting experiences for locals. Many gardeners now choose to plant persimmon varieties that bear fruit late into January, extending the tourist season and providing an additional boost to the tourism industry. Although the persimmon season typically ends in late November and early December, these efforts to extend the season are a testament to the city’s dedication to promoting tourism.

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