Our friends appear less on social networks. Here’s why

These days, notifications on our social networks almost all come from celebrities, instead of friends and relatives.

Recently, you can notice a clear trend that friends and relatives gradually “disappear” on social networks. Most of the announcements on Facebook, Instagram… come from stars, celebrities, businesses or even strangers.

, Our friends appear less on social networks. Here’s why

, Our friends appear less on social networks. Here’s why

Facebook, Instagram will change differently from today. (Photo: kaztag)

This year, social media pauses provide us with a “window” into the lives of our loved ones. Habits of using social networks gradually change after a decade. Companies are also gradually giving up on friend-related content. People are posting less and less personal stories.

Facebook has been worried about this for a long time. In 2017, they started suggesting people join more groups to expand their circle of friends and increase the content that appears in their news feed. Efforts to be effective but more difficult in 2022 as advertising budgets decrease and Apple tightens ad tracking software. Therefore, Facebook decided to take more drastic measures, which is to allow content creators to “invade” the news feed.

Going forward, the type of service that Facebook and Instagram offer will be different than they are today, focusing more on the interests of users rather than their friends. Meta is mimicking TikTok – the globally popular short video app thanks to its “addictive” algorithm. The people who post the most will be the creators.

Meta, despite its recent massive layoffs and algorithmic change, remains the most stable company in the social media space. Snap – Snapchat’s parent company – had to cut staff by 20% and invest in experimental divisions. Even Elon Musk, the world’s second-richest billionaire, is worried about how to make money from social networks after acquiring Twitter.

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It seems that not many startups want to be the bridge between people and their friends. It seems that the land to share private things will only be chat groups or small groups. That’s why our friends appear less and less on social networks.

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