Opening of the 4th Vietnam Cultural Heritage Festival – 2023

, Opening of the 4th Vietnam Cultural Heritage Festival – 2023

The Thang Long Imperial Citadel and Cultural Heritage Site in Hanoi hosted the opening ceremony of “The Fourth Vietnam Cultural Heritage Festival – 2023”, organized by the UNESCO Center for Culture and Sports Development (Vietnam Union of UNESCO Associations) and the Thang Long Heritage Conservation Center – Hanoi. The event showcased various unique forms of Vietnamese cultural and artistic heritage, including the elegant áo dài performance by young designers and traditional folk games.

Khai mạc Ngày hội Di sản văn hóa Việt Nam lần thứ IV-2023 | Văn hóa | Báo ảnh Dân tộc và Miền núi

The Ao Dai performance in the collection “Fragrance of Hanoi” by designer Duong Quynh Giang

The program aimed to celebrate the noble values of Vietnamese cultural heritage, promote its value, and contribute to its sustainable conservation. Mr. Nguyen Phuc Luu, Director of the UNESCO Center for the Development of Culture and Sports, emphasized the importance of honoring Vietnam’s cultural heritage and recognizing it as a representative intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

This cultural festival provided an excellent opportunity for domestic and foreign communities, friends, and international visitors to experience and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam. The previous three festivals have left remarkable artistic impressions, showcasing various national cultural heritage performances and practices.

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