Ninja Teacher – Why It’s the best TEFL course in Vietnam

, Ninja Teacher – Why It’s the best TEFL course in Vietnam

Ninja Teacher, Vietnam’s favourite teacher training program, was founded in 2013 by Alex Stevenson. Alex started as an English teacher himself. He taught in South Korea and Vietnam before he opened Ninja Teacher Academy here in Vietnam. Because worked as a teacher, he knows exactly what kind of training would benefit new teachers. Finding a good TEFL course in Vietnam is an important factor in laying a solid foundation for the teacher’s career. This is taken into consideration and their goal is to ensure that every teacher that signs up to the program is able to learn the skills required to find a good job and thrive in their career. Their main office is based in Ho Chi Minh City, which is the business capital of Vietnam, and along with that the highest demand for English language trainers. But if you aren’t convinced just yet, let’s break down why Ninja Teacher is a leading TEFL course provider.

Ninja Teacher has experienced and skilled Teachers

This academy only employs the best teachers in the industry. They have a strict vetting process to ensure that their teachers are not only well educated and experienced, but also have the personality to be a positive and motivating educator. Sitting in on their classes will have you fully immersed. They use modern teaching methods incorporating video and class involvement activities. This way every student leaves the classroom, ready to take on their first job with confidence.

They have the right programs for you

The Ninja teacher team makes sure they take care of their students from the start. As soon as you reach out to them they will listen to you and your goals and then suggest a program that will be best for you. Some teachers might be best suited to an Online TEFL course, other to an in Person course in Vietnam, and some might even just need a Vietnam orientation course with a practical introduction to teaching.

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They are more than just a TEFL course

When you pick a course you need to look out for things like course hours, course locations, is practical training included and what are the reviews of the teachers. With Ninja Teacher those things are a given so no need to waste any time on that. They make sure every one of their teachers are taken care of by providing post course support and job placement. They are like a family, and welcome you in. Most teachers are in Vietnam for the great lifestyle, food and nature escapes. Ninja Teacher wants everyone to get the most out of this and enjoy their time in Vietnam. You can even watch some of the founder’s videos on youtube. Alex shares insider tips about living and travelling in Vietnam. This even includes information about visas, cost of living, and much more.

By even just reading a few reviews about Ninja Teacher, you can clearly see that every person that signs up leaves with a good opinion about the academy. They all are especially happy about how friendly and helpful the teachers and staff are during the course and after. Before you even arrive in Vietnam their team will provide you with all the support you need with flights and visas. They will tell you exactly what documents you need to bring with you and how to get them certified. They will even help you find accommodation in Vietnam. The actual program is about 4 weeks long and the cost is around $1500, which is a great deal considering the value provided. Once you complete the course you will be able to earn around $2000 per month as an English teacher in Vietnam. So that’s a pretty good return on investment!

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