Nightlife in Hoi An: Things You Want to Try Out On Your Vacation

, Nightlife in Hoi An: Things You Want to Try Out On Your Vacation

Not many people think of Vietnam when we talk about nightlife, pubs and live music bars. Most of us would instead opt for Las Vegas, New York or even good old London to enjoy a vacation filled with zest, youthful exuberance and enjoy a nightlife to remember for many years to come.

However, if you are looking for a novel experience and want to taste the nightlife of a different part of the world, we would like to suggest the city of Hoi An in Vietnam for you. Ostensibly, Hoi An appears to be an ancient city dunked in history and culture.

However, as the sun sets, the city comes alive with a bustling crowd and people who want to indulge in the nightlife that it has to offer. From the quirkiest cafes to some extravagant live music bars, the city of Hoi An has all and much more to offer to its people and the tourists looking for an escape from their usual monotony. Speaking of which, in the article we have today, we shall furnish you with some ideas about what you could do in Hoi An to enjoy your nightlife in the city and bring back memories that you can fall back on.

Hoi An might not be at par with Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. However, it still makes for one of the best cities in Vietnam, with multiple options for you to enjoy. Therefore, without any further ado, let us have a look at what Hoi An has to offer to you when it comes to enjoying the nightlife in the city.

Visit Dive Bar:

There is absolutely no way that you can ignore Dive Bar once you find yourself in Hoi An. One of the most popular bars in Hoi An, Dive Bar, is ‘dive’ themed (no surprises there) and makes for the perfect destination for diving enthusiasts, travelers with an eclectic taste as well as the locals of the city. Dive Bar is like any other bar out there and has quaint lounges, different types of gaming tables, and an Internet café for people to browse through their favorites when they are in the mood to relax and chill.

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 The menu of this bar is eclectic too, and ranges from the finest wines to some delicate eateries. You are free to mix and customize your cocktails under the supervision of an expert while you groove to some acoustics or hard rock playing in the background.


Indulge in the Vintage Ambience of White Marble Wine Bar:

If you are looking to add extravagance to your nightlife in Vietnam and are unsure where to start, White Marble Wine Bar would probably serve as a fine choice. This bar is one of the most lavish and high-end resto-bars, and not just in Hoi An but in entire Vietnam. The bar is a tasteful amalgamation of the old and the new and has some colorful bar stools embellishing its floors. You will also find vintage photographs adorning the walls, which only adds to the ambience of the place.

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In case you are looking for a menu that shall fill your heart, this bar has just the right one for you. Their diverse range of drinks are reasonably priced and consists of vodka, rum and every other drink to lift your spirits.

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, Nightlife in Hoi An: Things You Want to Try Out On Your Vacation

, Nightlife in Hoi An: Things You Want to Try Out On Your Vacation

Play Some Bai Choi:

If you are bored of visiting bars and cafes, here is a little thing that you can indulge in. You can play some Boi Choi, a traditional game that is played near Hoi An Bridge, as soon as the sun goes down. You need to purchase three cards to start the game, and the game masters shall sing the folk songs of the land.

As each game concludes, you shall find the name of a card. If the name is similar to the names recited by the game masters, you win. And in case this game is not something that grabs your attention, you can always stay back in your hotel with friends and family and indulge in fun gambling on sites like There are several other traditional games that you can have fun at night while you are in Hoi An. However, Bai Choi is one of the most interesting games and gets friends and family in a joyous union.


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Wrapping Up:

 There are several things that you can do in Vietnam to enjoy your experience of nightlife. Hoi An might not be your Las Vegas where every corner of the city comes alive as the sun goes down, but it definitely is one of the best cities to explore, especially when you are in Vietnam. Relax at a quaint café with your friends or indulge in some traditional games that are played at night; Hoi An has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife. Therefore, without any further delay, plan your itinerary and set out for a journey of a lifetime.

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