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There is a saying: “Nearer neighbor than distant brother”. In Vietnam, especially in the countryside, neighborly relations are sometimes given more importance than blood relations. Neighbors are willing to help each other on special occasions as well as in everyday life.

Almost no Vietnamese household can hold weddings, funerals and other cultural celebrations without the help of neighbors. In the event of an emergency, neighbors are usually right there to lend you a hand. In the countryside, after a long tiring day of work, neighbors often gather to chat and play entertaining games such as Tai Chi. They also participate in joint activities together; Accordingly, their relationship became closer and closer.

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However, in cities, in recent times, when city dwellers often lock themselves in their own houses, allergic to other people’s aimless curiosity about their personal lives, the neighborly relationship seems to fade over time. However, it is not the whole picture. Although one rarely invites a neighbor in for tea or idle talk, you may find housewives talking to each other on street corners or in markets while their husbands are perhaps gathered in the garden. pub or tea on the street corner. in other place.

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