Traveling to Vietnam can't be completed after 1 month, you will be happy to see him again 1Traveling to Vietnam can't be completed after 1 month, you will be happy to see him again 1
Bai Chay beach (Ha Long city) is bustling with tourists. (Photo: Thanh Van/VNA)

On March 15, Vietnam tourism fully reopened, so far it has been a month. The fact has shown that right after opening, tourism activities across the country have really been active again. Many localities have welcomed many international and domestic delegations. Many places actively promote and advertise to attract customers.

It can be said that the tourism industry and localities are making full efforts to quickly recover, with the goal of being able to welcome 5 million international visitors in 2022 and serve about 60 million domestic tourists.

Tourism flourishes again

Just a few days after our country officially opened to tourism, Quang Nam province opened the National Tourism Year 2022 with the theme “Quang Nam – A green tourism destination.”

Throughout 2022, the National Tourism Year-Quang Nam will take place nearly 300 events related to culture and tourism. Quang Nam province alone organizes a series of 64 unique and attractive events and activities under 6 series of programs with the main themes of “Spring tourism in Quang land”, “Tourism on rivers and villages, craft villages, ” “Chu Lai rendezvous,” “Culture of ethnic groups and the legendary Ho Chi Minh Road,” “Quang Nam-Summer Emotions” and “Heritage colors.”

This locality hopes that each event will not only create a buzz but also lead visitors to discover a series of other events, in which, the main series of activities will take place from May to September 2022.

Hoi An city is the place where many activities take place in the National Tourism Year 2022. Localities and tourism businesses believe that this is a favorable opportunity to introduce products and contribute to the recovery of the tourism industry later. two years of being frozen due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, Hoi An tourism stakeholders are looking for solutions to enhance some of Hoi An’s familiar products…

On April 8, Ho Chi Minh City welcomed a large international tourist group from the US market with 130 members, most of which are businessmen and merchants. The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism affirmed that the event is a signal that the international tourism market has begun to have positive movements again. The event also shows that Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City have become destinations of interest to international tourists. Ho Chi Minh City’s tourism industry expects a quick recovery after reopening.

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For many years, Khanh Hoa has been Vietnam’s leading beach tourism destination , chosen by a large number of domestic and international tourists. Khanh Hoa tourism is considered to have actively overcome difficulties even during the period affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Traveling to Vietnam can't be completed after 1 month, you will be completely satisfied with your image 2Traveling to Vietnam can't be completed after 1 month, you will be completely satisfied with your image 2
Visitors experience the most beautiful sunset in Vietnam at Bai Truong, Phu Quoc island city. (Photo: Hong Dat/VNA)

In 2021, Khanh Hoa welcomed more than 600,000 guests staying. Currently, Khanh Hoa chooses health tourism as the direction to welcome the tourism season in 2022.

Director of Khanh Hoa Provincial Department of Tourism Nguyen Thi Le Thanh said that the province is promoting propaganda and promoting the image of Nha Trang-Khanh Hoa as a “safe, civilized and friendly” destination. restore the traditional international tourist markets , including the Russian market, while

the localities in the Northwest and Central Highlands regions focus on building tourism products to discover the rich and unique indigenous cultural beauty. develop homestays so that visitors can experience life with local people.

Meanwhile, Thua Thien-Hue is actively preparing Hue Festival 2022 with the theme “Cultural heritage with integration and development” taking place from June 25-30. Recently, the Organizing Committee of Hue Festival 2022 has announced the official poster of Hue Festival 2022 with the main image of 4 types of flowers (apricot, lotus, chrysanthemum, pine) representing the 4 seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This image also shows the spirit of Hue tourism that the festival will take place all year round, always welcoming visitors to discover the special cultural features of the ancient land.

Quang Ninh – a major tourist center of the country has built a series of events and activities to stimulate tourism demand. The highlight of the activity to welcome the summer tourism season of 2022 is the Ha Long-Quang Ninh Tourism Week, which will take place on the occasion of the holiday from April 30 to May 1.

One of the outstanding activities, creating a unique brand of Ha Long-Quang Ninh tourism for many years, is the 2022 Ha Long Carnaval with the theme “Ha Long – a wonder shining with the 31st SEA Games.” This will be a practical activity to stimulate tourism, especially when Quang Ninh hosts 7 sports at the 31st SEA Games…

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Human resources for the tourism industry need to be replenished in a timely manner

 Human resources in the context of the new normal is a matter of concern to the tourism industry. Because, after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the human resources have now changed to other occupations, now tourism has reopened, some workers have returned voluntarily, but many workers have stabilized their jobs. New job, higher income, so I don’t want to go back. Therefore, many experts believe that the problem of tourism human resource shortage is urgent, it is necessary to have reasonable calculations by competent authorities, localities and tourism businesses to supplement in a timely manner.

At the seminar “Restoring and developing tourism human resources in the new normal context,” Deputy Director General of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism Pham Van Thuy said that in order to supplement tourism human resources in the coming period, it must take into account the following: re-inviting people with experience in the field of tourism to return to the profession; re-training, on-the-job training, “hands-on” along with high-quality human resource training, suitable for industries profession, local.

Các địa phương, cơ quan quản lý, khu điểm du lịch cần đánh giá lại thực trạng du lịch, đồng thời phối hợp với các trường đào tạo xây dựng chiến lược phát triển nguồn nhân lực du lịch trong thời gian tới.

According to professor, Dr. Nguyen Van Dinh ( Vietnam Tourism Association ), it is necessary to build a data system on enterprises’ labor, including data on employees who have worked at the enterprise, the need to use specific employers for current and future employment positions and other relevant information.

Traveling to Vietnam can't be completed after 1 month, you will be completely satisfied with your image 3Traveling to Vietnam can't be completed after 1 month, you will be completely satisfied with your image 3
Guests check in at The Grand Ho Tram Resort & Casino. (Photo: broadcast by VNA)

In addition, it is necessary to link the information of enterprises with relevant management agencies and with the media, social networks, local management agencies, especially with employees so that they can information about the business, have the opportunity to find a new job or return to work.

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There is an opinion that it is necessary to study market demand and forecast tourism development to calculate the need for concentrated training, on-the-job training, refresher training to improve professional skills and develop recruitment and training plans. of each locality and establishment.

In the new normal, it is necessary to review the tourism human resources, clearly identify the limitations, weaknesses, and deficiencies in the professional expertise of each department. Along with that, it is necessary to have policies to attract and encourage tourism human resources with experience and vocational skills who have switched jobs to return to work.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, Vietnam’s tourism has suffered a serious crisis. In 2020, international visitors to Vietnam only reached 3.7 million arrivals, a decrease of over 80% compared to 2019. Domestic visitors decreased by 50%. The tourism industry lost about 23 billion USD in revenue in 2020. With that, about 95% of international travel businesses stopped operating, the occupancy rate of accommodation rooms was only 10-15%, many hotels had to close the door…

Director General of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) Nguyen Trung Khanh said that in the coming time, the tourism industry will focus on effectively implementing the tourism development recovery program, contributing to the implementation of the tourism development program. objectives set out in the program on socio-economic recovery and development in 2022.

The whole industry focuses on investing in “refreshing” on elements of products, services, facilities, human resources, promotion, and digital transformation.

In addition, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism continues to propose competent authorities to issue fiscal, monetary, social security and many other policies to support tourism businesses and affected workers. by the COVID-19 pandemic…

In the long term, the tourism industry will continue to propose the promulgation of the most practical policies, creating favorable conditions for the legal basis, infrastructure investment resources, digital transformation so that tourism can recover and develop more sustainably, professionally, and truly become a spearhead economic sector of the country.