Nearly 30 flights canceled due to bad weather


Many flights of Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet to Thanh Hoa had to be canceled due to fog.

, Nearly 30 flights canceled due to bad weather

, Nearly 30 flights canceled due to bad weather

Vietnam Airlines has to change the schedule of flights to Thanh Hoa. Photo: VNA.

Due to the influence of bad weather, in order to ensure safe operation, Vietnam Airlines has adjusted the flight schedule of flights to and from Thanh Hoa. Accordingly, the airline canceled flights VN1272, VN1273, VN1276, VN1277 on February 7 between Ho Chi Minh City and Thanh Hoa, VN1630, VN1631 on February 7 between Buon Ma Thuot and Thanh Hoa.

Passengers are supported to arrange flight changes and other support in accordance with current regulations of the airline.

Similarly, Vietjet Air announced to adjust the operating schedule due to the influence of bad weather in this locality on February 7. Specifically, stop operating flights VJ476/477 from Can Tho – Thanh Hoa – Can Tho. At the same time, the airline also redirected the landing of flights VJ038, VJ040, VJ042. VJ242, VJ244, VJ246, VJ248, VJ250, VJ252, VJ256 from Ho Chi Minh City – Thanh Hoa to Noi Bai airport (Hanoi).

Along with that, the airline also adjusted flights VJ241, VJ243, VJ243A, VJ247, VJ249, VJ251, VJ251A, VJ253, VJ257, VJ257A from Thanh Hoa – Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City.

All passengers are supported to move between Hanoi and Thanh Hoa by road. Some other flights are affected by the chain. Passengers on affected flights are covered under the service policy.

Airlines affirmed that the situation of changing the operating plan due to bad weather is force majeure to ensure absolute safety for passengers.

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Over the past week, due to the effects of prolonged bad weather with fog and low visibility, flights to and from the northern regions of many airlines were affected, especially flights to and from the region. going from Thanh Hoa, Vinh.

According to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, in the first half of February, cold air activity was weak and shifted to the east. Therefore, from the North and from Thanh Hoa to Nghe An in this period, there is a possibility of light rain, drizzle and fog concentrating at night and morning time.

In the second half of February, cold air activity is stronger and there is a possibility of severe cold, harmful cold also appears in the mountainous and midland provinces of the North. The North Central and Central Central regions are also likely to be affected by these northeast monsoons.

The effects of bad weather are expected to persist. Therefore, flights to and from northern regions may continue to change their operating plans. Customers need to monitor and update information from the airline so that their travel plans are not affected.

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