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Traditional Vietnamese music was born, developed and diversified on the basis of meeting the entertainment needs of both the upper class and the working class, is the expression of emotional thoughts and above all a spiritual life. god of abundance. Although it has been influenced for a long time by Chinese, Japanese, French music or even the music of the ancient Champa kingdom, traditional Vietnamese music still creates a rustic beauty but is not less majestic in terms of lyrics and melody. Whether the music originates from lavish banquets in the royal court (royal music) or from the after-hours breaks of hard work of the peasants in small villages (folk music), all All kinds of music can reflect the vibrations of real life, the soul of Vietnamese artists and their desire for a better life with prosperity, luck, happiness and love. love.
, MusicRoyal music performed on the Perfume River, Hue. Photo: @dailytravel

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