“Move to earn” trend is about to appear in Vietnam

, “Move to earn” trend is about to appear in Vietnam

Previously, in Vietnam, many “Move to earn” applications appeared. With the development of Blockchain, the trend of “Move to earn” is becoming more and more popular.

Calo is considered the first project of Vietnamese people to start the “move to earn” movement (a type of helping users earn money through daily movements by using technology to sense and measure children’s movements). people) in the world, this is a project that has been carefully invested and resonated right at the time of its launch. However, it was not until StepN – an international project appeared that “move to earn” became a trend and took the top spot in this field.

Blockchain project 'move to earn' is coming soon in Vietnam - photo 1Blockchain project 'move to earn' is coming soon in Vietnam - photo 1
“Move to earn” has become a new trend in the Blockchain world recently

Being a starter, but being ahead of StepN is quite unfortunate, because GameFi or Vietnamese blockchain applications are one of the world’s leaders in recent times. That’s why many companies are investing to launch new “move to earn” projects, competing fairly with this international project.

And one of the projects that will IDO (first coin distribution on a decentralized exchange) on April 27 is Run Together, which has just been confirmed to launch. This is a Fair Launch project, which means that the project developers do not call for outside investment money at the very first stage of implementation.

According to Mr. Nguyen Nhat Khanh, CEO of Run Together, this is a project made mainly for the community. With a combination of MoonLab, JADElabs and Onus. In addition, the “midwife” of the project is the FundGo investment fund, a fund specializing in supporting startup projects including the blockchain field, established in Can Tho. Notably, this fund has just received 100 million USD from the Jade Forest international fund.

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“We made Run Together with the main purpose of popularizing blockchain for the running community, besides, it is to encourage people to exercise to fight Covid -19. Runners can join for free. There are many people who see Vietnamese projects and think of scams, but here we do it for real and will focus on bringing all benefits to the community in the near future. Besides, I want to create a project in this field that brings pride to Vietnam,” said Mr. Nguyen Nhat Khanh.

It is known that Run Together project after IDO on April 27 and will officially let everyone participate in running on May 7.

Source: thanhnien.vn

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