Most of 81 new Covid cases recorded in Vietnam’s HCMC on Friday morning

, Most of 81 new Covid cases recorded in Vietnam’s HCMC on Friday morning
  • The infection tally of Vietnam’s new Covid-19 wave rose to almost 9,000 on Friday morning with 81 new cases added and 60 of them are in HCMC.
  • Thursday night, Health authorities confirmed 133 new local Covid-19 cases, sending the day’s tally to 503, the highest daily tally of local infections to date.

Vietnam records 81 more domestic Covid-19 patients, mostly in HCMC, of the cases in the southern metropolis, 51 have had direct contact with previously confirmed cases, four linked to the church cluster emerging on May 26 in Go Vap District.

For the remaining five the health authorities are looking into the sources of transmission.

On Thursday, the city has recorded the highest daily infection ever, with 137 cases added. The city currently puts 11,806 in centralized quarantine camps and has more than 21,00 others isolated themselves at home or in accommodation facilities.

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The rest of the cases confirmed this morning, 21, are in the northern Bac Giang Province. They are all linked to hotspots at industrial parks and have been isolated prior to testing.

Since the new wave started on April 27, 8,995 community infections have been recorded in 40 cities and provinces, with Bac Giang and its neighbor Bac Ninh accounting for the highest cases, at 5,028 and 1,454, followed by HCMC with 1,257, according to VNExpress.

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