More Vietnam biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO

More Vietnam biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO
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Recently, Nui Chua National Park (Ninh Thuan province) and Kon Ha Nung plateau (Gia Lai province) have been recognized by UNESCO as a global biosphere reserve.

A total of 22 biosphere reserves in the world were voted on at the 33rd meeting of the International Coordinating Council on Humans and Biosphere Programs. The event was held in Nigeria from September 13-17.

About 20 km from Phan Rang city, Nui Chua National Park has diverse terrain and relatively intact biodiversity. The vast primeval forests include magnificent caves and more than 1000 species of flora and fauna.

, More Vietnam biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCODry forest goat near Nui Chua National Park, Ninh Thuan

Kon Ha Nung Plateau extends over an area of ​​413,512 hectares of Gia Lai province. This area is divided into 3 areas, in which the core zone includes Kon Ka Kinh National Park and Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve. The plateau possesses tropical closed forests with high biodiversity and is home to many rare animal species.

, More Vietnam biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCOA waterfall in Kon Ta Nung plateau – Photo:

The two recognized sites bring the total number of global biosphere reserves in Vietnam to 11 sites, the second largest in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia, and among the largest biosphere reserves in the world.

The annual recognition of global biosphere reserves plays an important role in protecting biodiversity, encouraging conservation and sustainable development.

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