Moc Chau Plateau

, Moc Chau Plateau

Moc Chau Plateau is located at an altitude of 1050m above sea level. About 200 km northwest of Hanoi, this highland is 80 km long and 25 km wide.

In Vietnam, Moc Chau is often known for its lush green plateaus and local specialties such as tea and plums.
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Not too confident when affirming that Mochau is the biggest resource for tourism in Son La and Northwest Vietnam. Of all the special features of the highlands, the most valuable resource of Moc Chau is the climate. This land has an average annual temperature of 20oC and winters are much more favorable than other parts of the region.
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The most typical tourist activity in Moc Chau is sightseeing. Indeed, there are hundreds of natural sites that can take your breath away. In addition, the collection of traditional festivals of the highlands is also an attraction for tourists from all over the world. Some places you should visit are: Son Moc Huong cave, Chien Vien pagoda, Dai Yem waterfall, Phieng Luong peak, immense pine forest and villages of the Dao ethnic group. Ethnic music pervades the highlands while delicious traditional foods and local souvenirs captivate visitors.

Besides, the highland is also close to many other tourist attractions of the province such as Xuan Ha – Sop Cop eco-tourism area. This is another place where you can find a vast area of ​​primeval forest and many rare species of animals.

Useful information

  • Location: Mocchau . Plateau

  • Best for: Families, couples, alone

  • Free admission

  • Hours: All day

  • Distance to city center: 92.7km (57.6 mi)

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