Mobile Betting is Taking Over the Sports Gambling World

, Mobile Betting is Taking Over the Sports Gambling World

Innovations that accelerate the evolution of sports have been present since the birth of competitive athletic events, becoming mainstream and a publicly viewed concept. Without the fans, sports are nothing, and the same can be said for the sports betting world. Legalized gambling has been a step in the right direction, but the days of placing a wager live-in-person at the sportsbook or casino are beginning to fade. Let us take a look at why mobile phones have revolutionized the world of sports betting.

Firstly, the gambling sector owes technology a slice of the pie. Without the progressing technological industries, particularly mobile phones, their rise in online bookmakers would be non-existent.

3.5 billion smartphone owners were the estimated figures from 2020. Since the global pandemic demanding mobile phones to achieve specific day-to-day tasks, we should expect this figure to be significantly higher. Combine these numbers with internet usage (80% of internet users navigate websites through mobile devices). When we include the current move for digitalization of currency, the growth of mobile use is seemingly unstoppable.

Essentially, the rise in popularity comes down to mobile technology, exposed smartphone usage and the increase of Wi-Fi networks. In today’s generation, it would be unusual if a person were not to use one of these devices. In fact, mobile phone usage in 2021 has far exceeded that of a laptop or desktop computer.

In 2021, 90% of online betting websites will offer a mobile platform for customers who want to bet on the go, resulting in a flooded market with mobile sports betting sites.

Mobile Betting & Its Growth

During the past decade, the gambling sector has and continues to experience a significant rise in mobile device usage. In 2017, smartphone usage hit 39%, according to the UK Gambling Commission; when combining these figures with the legalization of sports betting across America and the markets overall steady ride – 2021 figures would be astonishing to some.

The reason for this is that online bookmakers are consistently competing to deliver bettors with the best and most convenient offerings.

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The market is oversaturated with mobile betting options and alternatives to fill diverse needs. Most sportsbooks in Europe have mobile websites and apps for their users, with America gradually reaching similar numbers.

, Mobile Betting is Taking Over the Sports Gambling World

, Mobile Betting is Taking Over the Sports Gambling World

Mobile Wagering & Its Driving Force

Mobile gambling offers benefits that become appealing to its customers. These benefits are the reason behind its popularity amongst the gambling sectors.

Gambling on a smartphone is similar to placing bets on a PC, which is crucial in its current dominance. And honestly, a desktop computer can reveal certain complications where a mobile device makes life easier.

If you have ever searched for sports betting odds with an online bookmaker, you would have no issues using a mobile platform. There isn’t much that differs from PC to mobile, and you’ll stumble across the same promotions, sports markets and payment methods.

Mobile Convenience

Perhaps the most beneficial factor in mobile betting lies with the ability to gamble on the move. Bettors have been enabled to place a wager on their favourite sports or gaming market wherever they are.

Convenience is the single most significant selling point for mobile sports betting. In 2020, customers were always seeking easy access, and they will spend extra for this convenience. It’s no different with the gambling sector; having the ability to access a sportsbook on a mobile device or tablet means that you are no longer reliant on a desktop or live sportsbook/casino.

Compatibility Advancements

Online sportsbooks draw their custom to utilize mobile gambling through its ease of use across various devices. When mobile sports betting was in its early stages, the sole option was to use a compressed version of your typical sportsbook website.

These websites were used, but their slow nature and buggy features would often become frustrating for most. With the evolution of mobile apps, sportsbooks have delved into offering their platforms which have adapted to different devices. Apps are fast, easily downloaded, and offer the best quality of betting a customer can find. Bettors of 2021 can gamble from any hand-held device, and with smartphones being the most popular, you can understand why sportsbook make this method their crucial attraction.

The age of mobile sports betting is here to stay, and it’s gradually taking over by the year. With mobile usage increasing, so does the market share for online sportsbooks.

The advancements of mobile technology are pushing sportsbook operators to offer more features, with in-play betting and live streaming now becoming the norm. Bettors worldwide are enjoying the freedom of sports betting whenever and wherever they are.

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