MM Mega Market Vietnam accompany with farmers in Hai Duong to rescue agro products

, MM Mega Market Vietnam accompany with farmers in Hai Duong to rescue agro products

MM Mega Market Vietnam (MM) informed its campaign “”Accompany with farmers at Hai Duong to rescue agro products”” to boost consumption of Hai Duong’s agricultural products. The campaign is expected to support the sale of agricultural products while Hai Duong is in the quarantine period due to the impact of COVID-19.

On February 16, MM issued a proposal to support “connecting and consuming agricultural products in Hai Duong province” and endorsed by the Domestic Market Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade), the People’s Committee of Hai Duong province, the Department of Industry and Trade of Hai Duong and Hanoi. These

”Accompany with farmers at Hai Duong to rescue agro products” was officially launched on the morning of February 19, 2021 with the first order of 24.3 tons of vegetables and fruits, including: kohlrabi, cabbage and guava. These products were in MM’s non-profit pricing strategy, transferred from Hai Duong and will distribute to MM’s centers in Hanoi, the Central and South regions accordingly. The first batch of “rescue agricultural products” was sold in MM system from February 22 with the price of only 5,900 VND/kg.

5K rule is strictly applied during the process of transporting these products to MM’s centers such as PCR testing within 3 days (for driver, staff accompanying cargo truck, …); Certification of the transport means’ owner; spraying and sterilizing all cargo vehicles and vehicles.

From now on, MM plans to ship 5-6 tons of Hai Duong’s agricultural products to Hanoi once a day. For HCMC and the central region, there will be 2 “rescue” shipments per week, with a total of up to 70 tons/week.

Difficulties transporting commodities has affected production in Hai Duong province and also other localities like Hanoi, Hai Phong and Quang Ninh because many commodities in Hai Duong are materials for processing chains at factories in the localities, according to the ministry. That will also affect the socio-economic development of many localities.

The distribution systems in Hanoi are also making efforts to support Hai Duong to consume agricultural produce, averaging about 100 tonnes per week.

Meanwhile, Hai Duong is implementing many measures to facilitate the transportation of agricultural produce in the harvest season.

Over the past three days, the province has prioritised the implementation of COVID-19 testing for truck drivers and returned the results within 24 hours to accelerate goods transportation.

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Besides that, the pandemic had caused many localities to stop transporting agricultural products, including carrots for processing and packaging, according to Vietnam News Agency.

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