Mexican tourists: Vietnam’s very famous in our country

, Mexican tourists: Vietnam’s very famous in our country

For Mexicans, Vietnam is a very popular honeymoon destination. Many couples want to come to Vietnam after their wedding to experience the different culture.

Experiencing a very long journey with flights from Mexico to the US, transiting in Japan and then Singapore, Pablo and Sofia have finally realized their Vietnam travel plan after nearly two years of waiting.

The couple planned to honeymoon in Vietnam after the wedding ceremony in August 2020, but the Covid-19 epidemic caused them to postpone their plans. Unable to go to Vietnam, the couple did not choose another destination but waited when conditions allowed.

Great Vietnam

“In Mexico, Vietnam is a very popular honeymoon destination. Everyone is excited to hear that someone is coming to Vietnam after the wedding. The couple who got married before we also recommend coming to Vietnam. This place is unlike anything you’ve ever known. We chose Vietnam because we wanted to do something special in a faraway land for a great occasion in our lives,” said Sofia.

Vietnam is Pablo and Sofia’s first trip since their wedding, and their first trip to Asia. In Vietnam, the Mexican couple spent a lot of time relaxing in Da Nang, then went to Hanoi, visited Ha Long (Quang Ninh) and Ho Chi Minh City before going to Thailand and the Maldives.

“The best thing is that we are welcomed and taken care of very well when in Vietnam. Da Nang and Hoi An have a beauty that blends the past and the modern. Ba Na Hill makes a strong impression because it was built on a high mountain. The experience in Ha Long is also great.

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The places we go to are clean and beautiful, with lots of trees, no garbage on the street. Many delicious dishes and travel costs are also very cheap. Those things are much better than Mexico City, which is a very expensive place and the streets are quite dirty with garbage,” said Sofia.

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New interesting things

Pablo is very interested in the different cultures and lifestyles of the Vietnamese people. When they arrived in Hanoi, they rode a cyclo, trying to weave their way through the crowded traffic and the loud honking of car horns. The two experienced flower making at a local house, where they understood more about the Vietnamese ancestor worship. These are quite strange things for two Mexican tourists.

du lich viet nam anh 2

du lich viet nam anh 2

“It is good that in Vietnam people always turn to their parents, ancestors, even young people, who also preserve their traditions and beliefs. In Mexico we are losing those things, there is only one common holiday to remember those who have died. Adult children will not live with their parents, even siblings have little chance to see each other,” said Pablo.

Pablo and Sofia said that Vietnam’s tourist entry regulations are quite favorable compared to other destinations in the region, which is also a “plus point” for international tourists to prioritize choosing Vietnam. The Mexican couple said that the relics or ancient houses in Hoi An, Hanoi are valuable assets of Vietnam and need to be preserved and preserved. However, the “minus point” is that English needs to be used more at tourist attractions, restaurants, airports…

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“At Da Nang airport, the flight changed doors to the plane but we couldn’t hear the announcement clearly when we saw people getting up to move, we were very confused but couldn’t ask anyone.

Restaurants in the capital or major destinations should have English menus, staff need to speak foreign languages ​​well because we have had a lot of trouble communicating with them. Fortunately, we can speak English, and many Mexicans who only speak Spanish will find it very difficult to come to Vietnam,” said Sofia.

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Pablo said he would tell his family and friends that they should definitely come to Vietnam at least once in their life. The couple also affirmed that Mexicans will like Vietnam very much, like the memorable experiences and memories that he and his wife had. The couple still want to return to Vietnam because there are many places in Hoi An, Da Nang and other lands that have not been discovered yet.

The visit to Vietnam is not only meaningful for two tourists Pablo and Sofia. It also brings great joy to the tour operator. Ms. Bui Bang Giang – Director of Asia Exotica Company said that Mexico is a far away market, so visitors to Vietnam often belong to the high-paying segment, wanting new experiences and learning about the local culture.

These are the first international guests that the company serves after 2 years of the Covid-19 pandemic, so from staff to management are very excited. However, although the number of international visitors is gradually increasing again, this company is forecasted to only recover and be as crowded as before the Covid-19 epidemic in the late 2023 and early 2024 period.

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