Many destinations open to welcome Vietnamese tourists

, Many destinations open to welcome Vietnamese tourists

Taiwan (China) has just reopened Quan Hong visa for Vietnamese visitors from 11/11. Thailand, Korea, Japan, … also have many open policies on visas, entry and exit procedures to attract Vietnamese tourists.

Some travel companies said that they have just received information from the Taiwan travel agency (China), that from 11/11, this destination will resume the issuance of Quan Hong visas for tourist groups of designated Vietnamese travel agencies. The earliest time to enter Taiwan is after November 22.

Currently, visas to Taiwan include 3 types: normal stamped visa, advanced e-visa and Quan Hong e-visa.

Quan Hong Visa is issued to Vietnamese travel agencies, designated by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, to promote Vietnamese people to travel to Taiwan.

A representative of a travel business said that with Quan Hong visa, the group must have 5 or more people. Traveling to Taiwan under this type of visa, the preparation documents are simple, no cumbersome paperwork; simple, convenient and fast procedures; exempt from proof of finances and work; No interview and no visa application fee (about 50 USD).

, Many destinations open to welcome Vietnamese tourists

, Many destinations open to welcome Vietnamese tourists

Shifen – a popular tourist destination when coming to Taiwan (photo Thoi Dai)

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In order to limit risks, the Taiwanese side also made clear regulations, if the designated enterprise has 3 members to separate the group (based on accumulated data / the number of delegations applying for Quan Hong visa), the application will be suspended. profile for 2 months; If the cumulative number of split members reaches 6 people, the travel business will be removed from the list of designated companies and stripped of its eligibility to apply.

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The reason is that at the end of 2018, taking advantage of the Quan Hong visa policy, two Hanoi travel companies asked a travel company in Ho Chi Minh City to make a Quan Hong visa to take guests to Taiwan, 148/152 people have fled. The Taiwanese side then stopped issuing Quan Hong visas to Vietnamese tourists.

In 2019, more than 400,000 Vietnamese tourists visited Taiwan.

With the Japanese market, after one month of reopening tourist visas for Vietnamese, Vietnamese tourists can travel to Japan on tour and on their own without having to book services through travel agencies. Moreover, the Yen is falling sharply against the USD, which is an ideal condition for tourists coming to Japan to visit and shop.

In September, the number of Vietnamese visitors to Japan reached 30,900 people. In a total of 9 months, there were 191,500 Vietnamese tourists traveling to Japan. With this result, Vietnam ranks second only after South Korea in terms of total number of visitors to Japan.

Meanwhile, Thailand is exempting visas for citizens of 63 countries and territories, with a duration of 15, 30 and 90 days, of which the maximum is 30 days (45 countries, including Vietnam). There are 5 countries that are exempt from Thailand visa for up to 90 days.

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In the Korean market, after the incident of some Vietnamese tourists leaving the group to stay, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) on October 24 confirmed the visa-free policies for Vietnamese tourists to Yangyang International Airport (Gangwon) and Jeju International Airport (Jeju Island) are still operating normally. The requirements on epidemic prevention upon entry such as regulations on the number of injections, tests, … are completely eliminated.

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A representative of a travel agency in Hanoi said that right after the end of the full-time charter trips in October, the company received a request to continue implementing visa-free itineraries for Vietnamese entering Korea to enter the country. Yang Yang airport scene in the upcoming Fall – Winter and 2023. This is a favorable factor to maintain for Vietnamese tourists to continue to enjoy preferential policies on entry procedures to Korea, saving costs and visa application time.

As a result, the number of Vietnamese visitors to Korea skyrocketed. According to the Korea National Administration of Tourism in Vietnam, in the first nine months of 2022, this number is over 80,000 people, expected to increase from now until the end of the year.

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