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Mango varieties in Vietnam

Mangoes (Xoài) are grown mostly in southern Vietnam’s provinces such as Tien Giang, Dong Thap, Can Tho, and some northern regions like Son La, Ha Giang, Lai Chau. There are several kinds of mangoes in Vietnam: the yellow ones with sweet and soft meat including “xoai cat”, “xoai tuong”, “xoai ngua”; and the green sour ones “xoai xanh”.

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Mango has a round shape and may weigh between 50 and 500 grams per fruit. Mango of Cao Lanh District in Dong Thap is considered the best of the country though each region has its own distinctive flavor. For example, Xòai Mộc Châu is smaller in size, often green outside but orange inside and unbeatable when it comes to the natural light sweet taste that no other varieties can compare. Xòai Nha Trang, on the other hand, is bright yellow, both inside and outside, with an almost overly sweet and juicy flavor.

Use of Xoai in Vietnam

Xoai is commonly found as an after-meal fruit treats in many families from North to South. The ripen ones are blended with sweet condensed milk that can match that of Lassi in India.

Green mangoes, especially the crunchy ones, are used in the famous green mango salad and very common in the South of Vietnam.

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