Making phone calls in Vietnam

making phone call

The telecommunications sector in Vietnam has flourished throughout the past two decades. Like many Westerners, Vietnamese citizens now prefer to use a mobile phone rather than a landline to communicate.

To keep in touch with friends and family whilst in the country, you can choose a mobile service package that suits you best.

Landline in Vietnam

If you would prefer to not purchase a SIM card (perhaps you’re not in the country for too long), you could make use of the phone available to guests at your hotel. Do note that although convenient, phone rates offered by hotels can come at a premium fee, so be sure to inquire about these before picking up the phone and making long-distance phone calls!

Even phone booths in Vietnam are an outdated concept. In Hanoi, only a handful remain standing, however, they were disconnected almost ten years ago. Various theories exist to try and comprehend the reasons why these relics of communication have not been removed entirely. Some locals believe they have been left as a nostalgic reminder of times passed. Others simply contend that the authorities are lazy and incompetent. At present, these disused phone booths are doing nothing more than collecting rust.

Mobile phones in Vietnam

You are likely to prefer using a mobile phone which is likely the most convenient way to communicate. If you are in Vietnam for a short stay and would prefer to not purchase a SIM card, you might want to activate the international roaming service on your phone. Make sure to check these rates with your mobile service provider prior to your departure.

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Unlocking your mobile phone before leaving for Vietnam is the recommended method to enable your telecommunication. If you are coming from Europe, Asia, Australia, or South Africa, your mobile phone might already be unlocked by default. Vietnamese SIM cards (and inexpensive new mobile phones if yours turns out to be locked) are available for purchase at all airports and cities.

You can recharge your SIM card with mobile data from shops, stores, gas stations, and supermarkets. Nowadays, it’s possible to replenish your phone credit in Vietnam for as little as 30,000 VND. . Data is convenient for text messages and roaming the internet. To make a foreign call it will probably be the cheapest and most convenient for you to find one of the many available fast wifi cafes, purchase a beverage, and make use of the free connection.

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Make calls in Vietnam

When in Vietnam, to make local calls, dial ‘0’ followed by the province code and the phone number. To call abroad, dial ‘0’ followed by the country code and the phone number without the initial ‘0’. Here are some examples:

  • USA: 00 1 area code phone number
  • UK: 001 44 phone number
  • Australia: 00 61 phone number
  • Switzerland: 0041 area code phone number
  • Canada: 001 area code phone number
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