Major updates in Vietnam: life recovery, omicron and visa

, Major updates in Vietnam: life recovery, omicron and visa

I’ve got some great news for the people who look forward to coming to Vietnam and a bit of the changes that have been made over the last weeks carried out by the government. Let’s head right into it.

Saigon Green

The greatest news to those who live in Saigon and the people who look forward to visiting Ho Chi Minh city is that Saigon has been justified as a “Green area” on the map.

For those who don’t know what that color means, it’s a way Vietnam established to evaluate the situation of different areas to separate between safe areas and highly infected areas. Green is the highest level of safety. The colors that come after are yellow, orange, and red which indicate the increase of danger respectively.

Just the other day on the 16th of 2022, Saigon recorded its all-time low in cases of less than 300 cases, which is an amazing news that spread like a miracle. Even though the statistics are only numbers that don’t really show the exact situation, it shows much optimism that Saigon will be able to recover really soon in the upcoming months.

saigon green and life as an expat

saigon green and life as an expat

Saigon Green also creates an opportunity for many businesses such as Karaoke, Bars, and Spas to reopen again.

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The reopening of entertainment services

Bars, karaokes, and spas are now allowed to open. Everybody is extremely excited at the moment to get back to what they used to enjoy in the past.

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Yet a great news as it sounds, these businesses struggle because not too many customers are coming in due to the impacts of COVID on the people. Bonus cuts, unemployment, and the potential of a more contagious scenario may prevent customers from coming in and out of these places as much as before.


The next challenge for Vietnam is Omicron. As many people talked about it: Omicron has less severe symptoms, but it spreads faster.

So far, Vietnam has had 25 Omicron cases. The number is not alarming as it sounds, but it indicates that Vietnam will likely face another surge of COVID very soon. This has been especially warned by many professional doctors in the country.

Visa updates

This is one of the main concerns for foreigners who are currently in Vietnam and those who want to come to Vietnam.

As many have known about the visa extension program that the government pulled off since the lockdown for the foreigners who were stranded in Vietnam, it’s now terminated and foreigners without a proper visa won’t be able to stay in Vietnam unless they follow one of the steps which will be mentioned in the video below.

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And there will be more to come as Saigon or Vietnam in general, is trying its best to recover as quickly as possible. Make sure to follow for the latest updates!

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