Main Secrets for Designing a Functional Kitchen You’ll Love

, Main Secrets for Designing a Functional Kitchen You’ll Love

, Main Secrets for Designing a Functional Kitchen You’ll Love

No home is complete without a functional kitchen. It’s the innermost part of our homes. Today’s kitchens are becoming more than cooking spaces. The living rooms, dining spaces, and the kitchen have merged into one big space. The kitchen has turned into a station. They’ve become our new office spaces. Parents host friends in the kitchen. Family conversations have moved into the kitchen. It’s evolving into a multipurpose room. So, the vastness of your kitchen matters. Your kitchen design should also reflect this shift. 

Consider these design secrets to get a functional yet beautiful kitchen space. 

Light Every Spot in the Kitchen

Planning to do a kitchen renovation? How about illuminating every spot in the kitchen. Kitchen lighting and functionality go hand in hand. Your kitchen wears many hats. One moment it’s an entertainment hub, the next, it’s buzzing with meal prepping activities. So, you need to balance functionality, ambiance, and mood when picking lighting options. Different lighting vibrancy levels turn a common kitchen into a beautiful space. You need support lighting. They come in handy when chopping your vegetables, cooking, or sorting supplies. You need to install support lighting 30 inches above the stove, counters, or sink. Install LED lights to make your lighting functional and efficient. Don’t forget the aesthetics. A statement piece above the peninsula or island will do. Put trends aside and let your personality and taste shine through a statement light piece. 

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Optimize Work and Traffic Flow

It’s all in the kitchen layout. The layout will determine whether your kitchen will be functional or a bother. As you plan on a kitchen renovation spree, think of how you can take advantage of the available space. You need to think of ways to reduce traffic. You need to sync main tasks and avoid back ramming appliances onto the island or kitchen table. Is space constraint an issue? A one-wall layout will give you more functionality. If there is more space to spare, install opposite-facing countertops in your kitchen. Choose a galley scheme that keeps your kitchen clutter-free. Turn every available space, including floor units, into storage solutions. Also, natural light is key to creating a spacious-looking galley kitchen. A blend of white and gray or gray and taupes will make a galley kitchen stylish. An L-shaped kitchen or a G-shaped will give you more than one working station. Also, you cut traffic in your kitchen. A U-shaped layout gives excellent work and traffic flow if you’ve lots of space to spare. Add an island to increase its functionality. 

Swap the Dining Table for an Island

Has your dining table turned into a mailing or key storage area instead of a dining space? If that’s the case, ditch your dining table and get an island for your kitchen. You can have both if you have enough space. But an island is the best option because it offers more functionality than a dining table. A kitchen island doubles up as a storage unit and a dining space. It is also an aesthetical piece for your kitchen area. It also makes it easier to entertain your guests as you prepare your meals. 

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Storage Options Everywhere

Be creative when designing storage solutions. You need to have an idea of your storage needs early on as you plan and budget for a kitchen renovation. Add as many storage solutions as possible to maximize space and functionality. It can be pull-out storage solutions, ceiling-high cabinets, organizers, or bench storage. 

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Switch to Energy-Efficient Appliances

A set of essential energy-efficiency appliances ramps up the functionality of your kitchen. What’s more, existing appliances may augment your new layout and aesthetics. Your kitchen appliances should complement your new design, color palette, and available space. If you can afford to get built-in appliances, the better. Get built-in wine fridges, double ovens, or a cooktop. 

Concluding Thoughts

Functionality should be your top-most priority when renovating or redesigning the kitchen. Aesthetics create an inviting environment. But functionality determines whether you’ll love or hate your kitchen.  Max out on your kitchen’s layout, storage, appliances, and lighting. Put your most-used kitchen essentials within arm’s reach. Give thought to involving a professional in the process to get the most out of your kitchen. 

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