Local gold price hits 1 year’s peak

, Local gold price hits 1 year’s peak
  • During the course of the morning trading session, buying and selling prices for gold bars quoted by Saigon Jewelry Company Limited (SJC) stood at VND57.65 million and VND58.37 million per tael, respectively, thereby rising by VND300,000 per tael compared to the prices seen on October 20.
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Phu Quy Group therefore listed each tael of SJC gold at between VND57.45 million and VND58.05 million for buying and selling, adding an additional VND100,000 from the prices recorded on the previous day.

Doji Group gold priced at between VND57.4 million and VND58.2 million per tael for buying and selling, thereby marking increases of between VND200,000 and VND300,000 per tael in terms of buying and selling compared to the trading session from the prior day.

In terms of the global market, gold prices reached US$1,786.3 an ounce on October 21.

In relation to the local forex market, the State Bank of Vietnam adjusted the exchange rate of major foreign currencies, in which US$1 could be exchanged for VND23,145.

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