One of the biggest blessings that I have had, as a human being, is being able to travel around the world and experience different cultures, different walks of life, and much more.

I’m a Frenchman who has been living in Vietnam for more than 5 years. The reason why I decided to move to Vietnam was that I wanted to experience something new. I was on a chase of being financially independent while traveling around the world to get to know different angles of the world. Finally, I made my dream come true.

Introduction aside. Today I will talk about my personal preferences between France and Vietnam. I made a comparison to see how both countries affected my decision for a place to settle down. I hope that from my sharing you will be able to make your preference and decide for yourself a destination to travel to, open a business, or even make it a long-term stay.


France has a better traffic system. Modern subway, state-of-the-art transportation, or even well-constructed highways, are the convenient components that make France, like any other developed country, a place for high-level traffic safety and time-saving traveling. However, a top-notch system like such requires high fees. Not everyone can afford it.

Comparison between France and Vietnam in terms of transportation

Comparison between France and Vietnam in terms of transportation

In Vietnam, everything is the opposite. You will pay lower fees (It could be 2 or 3 times less compared to France) to travel from one city to another. However, the infrastructure here is still under development. There’s still a lot to improve and it won’t be a joyful experience if you’re already used to developed traffic systems like in The US or France.

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France shows its unique appearance. The moment you enter the country (Especially the South of France), you will see a lot of vintage and classic architecture that make France an ideal place for tourists. Every step is a refreshing experience for tourists to take pictures of the scenery of the city. It is a perfect place for tourism.

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Vietnam doesn’t have that unique look anymore unless you visit Hanoi. Specifically, cities in the South no longer keep any historical buildings. Or probably I haven’t been to the right place. If you know any place in Vietnam that has historical architecture, let me know in the comment of the video down below.

This video gives you the perspective of someone who has been living for 5 years in Vietnam.

Life in Vietnam vs France : what are the main differences ? What is good and bad for both countries … Let’s talk about it in the video ! For more insights about pros and cons of living in Vietnam, you can have a look at this resource.

The food

I’m a food guy, and both countries offer a great diversity of food choices. I enjoy the food of both countries.

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Cost of living

Cost of living is an essential factor that affects one’s decision to choose a destination for their stay. Vietnam impresses me with how cheap it is to live an easy life. In France, it would cost me around 3000 Euro/month (eating outside everyday, traveling a lot, nightlife, etc …).

Cost of living and budget between France and Vietnam

Cost of living and budget between France and Vietnam

In Vietnam, 1500 is the maximum that I spent.

The weather

Speaking of the weather, it is pretty much a personal choice. If you don’t mind the cold, sometimes frosty, type of weather, France could be an ideal choice.

Vietnam is well-known for its humidity and extreme heat that would annoy some Westerners while they’re trying to be familiar with the country.

I’m keen on warmth.

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The hospitality

Recently, I started to realize French (a minority) is somewhat unreasonable. Like when I had to pay for cleaning service even though I was asked to clean the room myself, which is confusing.

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Welcoming and hospitality of locals in Vietnam

Welcoming and hospitality of locals in Vietnam

In Vietnam, I haven’t seen anything like that as a customer. I always feel welcomed and get what I pay for accordingly. When customers in Vietnam pay for a service, they are well-appreciated and occasionally treated beyond expectation.

The safety

Countless times that I have sensed the unsafety while in France. Catcalls are an example. The feeling of always having to watch out, especially as a woman, when you’re on the street is not so much a joyful experience.

In Vietnam, I never have to worry about feeling unsafe even despite being outside at 3 in the morning. Over the 5-year course, safety has never been an issue for me.

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