Let your voices be heard for lovely dogs in Vietnam

, Let your voices be heard for lovely dogs in Vietnam

Despite the long-standing habit in Vietnam, dogs and many types of pets are becoming closest friends to many, with the attitude towards them being changed day by day.

Animals in Vietnamese homes are very common. Every family has at least a cat and a dog. In the countryside, a cat has to catch mice and a dog should protect the house. In cities and towns, pets are often status symbols, and people spend quite a lot of money on them. There are a lot of pet shops and veterinarians for pets in cities and towns, and you can see many Facebook groups founded for special dog breeds.

But, somewhere in this beautiful country, toxic actions by some bad people to dogs still be happening

Here’s what Elizabeth Homfray, member of “Dog Lovers Ho Chi Minh City“, community which people can share about their pets and share ideas to the other pet lovers posted.

Many of the groups members are aware there were AGAIN pet poisonings on the “numbered streets” in Thao Dien on the previous weekend. This is unfortunately not the first time this has happened.

Below is an impassioned request from the owner of poor Peanut who lost his life on Sunday, you may take a few minutes to read and join the petition.

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“On Sunday June 14th, my dog, my baby Peanut along with 5 other beloved pets have been killed by some heartless and cruel person. I apologize for my language, but I cannot find any other words to describe the person who could do such a horrid act.”

This can be no coincidence as we know for a fact from our vet that Peanut was poisoned with a substance which specifically targets dogs & cats (not even rat poison). This is not the first time that such cruelty happens. This is what happened 4 years ago to 11+ dogs!!! They had the same symptoms and it occurred in the same area. That is only to name a major crime. From time to time, this still happens to other dog lovers in the area. So yes, this is a CRIMINAL ACT.

What would have been different if the people even cared? No pet and no owner should have to live in such fear and despair. And no person should get away with taking lives”

Here’s how you can help:

– Sign the petition here: https://www.ipetitions.com
– We need a journalist who can help us contact the local news
– Key influencer / micro influencers: we need to share this petition after it is signed and collected

What is being done: we are sending reports to 5 departments as this is an act against Human safety & Animal rights. And we also contacted our Consulate to share this with them.

Please let your voices be heard. Don’t let there be more victims.

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