Lepironia grass straws in Vietnam : the ultimate sourcing guide

, Lepironia grass straws in Vietnam : the ultimate sourcing guide

Pretty much all countries in the world are now thinking about replacing plastic items with more environmentally-friendly ones because of the harm they are inflicting to nature. The drinking straws are no exception here and the grass straws made in Vietnam for example are one of the most recent solutions.

Because they are made from a sort of grass called Lepironia articulata, the straws can be used multiple times without a decrease in quality. If you want to source quality lepironia grass straws in Vietnam, you can learn more about the official website of Lepironia’s supplier.

What are the Vietnamese grass straws?

It is a type of environmentally-friendly drinking straw that is made from grass. Not any sort of grass can be suitable for this purpose, so these Vietnamese grass straws are only made out of grass called Lepironia articulata. This grass grows in large areas in Vietnam and has a perfectly cylindrical structure inside, is perfectly natural, and very easy to plant.

Why Vietnamese grass straws so popular?

Of course, many countries could have been making their grass straws, but the ones that come from Vietnam are right now the most popular in various markets around the world. A lot of people want to buy only those drinking straws made in Vietnam because they are of high quality and trusted by so many clients.

grass straw exports

grass straw exportsThese grass straws are made in the South of Vietnam and are fully biodegradable because they are produced from the stems of grass called Lepironia articulata, which grows in the Mekong Delta region. This grass is perfectly suitable for creating drinking straws thanks to its long and hollow stem. Straws made of grass are an ecological and very convenient alternative to most popular disposable plastic straws, they don’t have problems with difficult recycling and are safe for the environment.

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Grass straws made in Vietnam have only been available on the market for about a few years. From the first time they have appeared on the market, these drinking straws have gathered a lot of loyal clients.

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The manufacturing process of Vietnamese grass straws

A lot of people would like to know how exactly the products they are using are being made, so let’s take a look at the manufacturing process of these Vietnamese grass straws.

lepironia sourcing in vietnam

lepironia sourcing in vietnamGrass straws are being made in the closed semi-automatic production process which consists of the seven-step standard:

  • Washing of the raw material: cleaning from alum, removing all contaminants, and air-drying all of the required ingredients. After the harvest is done Lepironia articulata grass stems are placed on the collection base following the standards of quality of Lepironia common straws, and then being soaked into the bowl of ash water to properly disinfect and remove all alum.
  • Organizing the raw materials and cutting grass stems into pieces 20 cm long. After cleaning, Lepironia articulata stems are being divided into regular size parts and grouped into two classes following the company’s standard procedure or based on the needs of the client.
  • Clearing the insides of the straws. The inner round surface of the half-finished grass straws is being washed with patience and care.
  • Flushing and sterilizing using ozone. After the insides of the grass have been thoroughly washed, the stem is being flushed with clear water and then submerged into the special kind of water with clam-shell flour that has a PH of 12.
  • Straws are being dried and exposed to ultraviolet. The grass straws are then dried under the sun for about 4 hours and then placed into the drying machine. It is important to assure the lowest possible humidity. After that, the grass straws are being left for the night in a natural environment in order for them to keep their natural color.
  • Checking the quality of the product. The grass straws are then getting checked to exclude any defective ones from getting on the market.
  • Packing and signing dates. The straws on the final step are being packaged following the company’s high standards. After that, the date of manufacture is being added and the straws are finally ready for delivery to the customers.
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With that unique closed semi-automatic production process and perfect quality control, the company assures the highest standards of quality before the product gets to the market.

Are grass straws safe to use?

Almost all customers are concerned about the safety of the products they buy, so here we did the comparison of grass straws with the other popular types of straws. To compare it properly we will look at the main characteristics of each one.

  • Paper straws were one of the first attempts to replace generic plastic straws. It is easy and cheap to produce drinking straws made from paper but there are some problems with the durability. And some of them have a plastic layer inside in order to make them harder which is bad for the environment.
  • The straws made of rice are pretty similar to the paper ones in their main properties and it is easy to make them in big volumes. They are very cheap in making and are available in various sizes and colors. But they have the same problem with durability and can also alter the taste of your drink as they quickly dissolve in liquid.
  • The metal straws can be easily reused many times and they are available in a wide variety of sizes. But when you use the metal straws with hot beverages they can quickly get hot and you can even be burned by them.
  • Bamboo straws can be reused and are similar to metal straws in their properties, but they have certain difficulties with cleaning.
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In the end, the grass straws might be the best choice for you as they are really an environment-friendly product, and are entirely natural and fully biodegradable. They also will not alter the taste of your drinks and are safe for your teeth and lips.

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