Leaving Your Summer Home Alone? 10 Home Security Tips

, Leaving Your Summer Home Alone? 10 Home Security Tips

It is nice for you to have a retreat in the summer or any time of the year. However, while you are planning your summer vacation, keep in mind to also secure your house while you are away. Making sure to take enough steps for extra security measures gives you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy your well-deserved break. We have put together a list of 10 security tips to stay safe and protect your home.


It is clear that someone has not been home for a while if you have an overflowing mailbox or piled-up packages in front of your house. However, you can stop mail and newspaper service at your local post office for free for 30 days. As an alternative, you can ask a trusted neighbor or member of your family to pick up your mail and packages while you are away and offer to do the same if they are in the same situation.


Moreover, you can lease the property to some people you know won’t damage it. Instead, you can hire a property management company, as they can handle your house by doing all the work in and around it.

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  • Block entry to the garage door and your sliding glass patio door


Burglars always find a way in, whether you have an automatic garage opener or a manual door that needs to be opened by hand. As a result, installing a deadbolt-style lock is the best way to protect your garage door.


In addition, a broom handle or metal pipe can be used as a wedge to tighten the sliding track on your glass patio door.

  • Don’t publicity promote your absence


Posting on your social media while you are away is a bad idea. By sharing your vacation photos, you are only advertising that your home will be empty for days. This leads burglars to head for your home because you never know who sees that information. That is why you should post after you have returned.


Moreover, you have to be careful with your voicemail, as some callers don’t need to know you are away. They only need to know that you are not available right now and will call them later.


When responding to an out-of-the-office email, be vague. Say that you are temporarily unavailable, and if they need immediate assistance, give them your contact information and your email address.

  • Remove spare keys and do not leave notes


Burglars will automatically look for a spare key or a note if they find out you are not home. The most preferable spots for leaving a spare key are under the mat, above the door frame, into the flower pot, or in a mailbox, so you should avoid these spots. However, if you must leave a spare key, leave it with a trusted friend or neighbor.

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Leaving notes for friends or family is also a form of advertising to burglars that the house is empty. So, you should contact them directly.

  • Install security cameras


You can install security cameras to monitor your house. However, if your phone is in airplane mode, security systems that depend on you to monitor your phone may not help. Your property management agent will call the police if your property’s perimeter is breached. They will either guard your house physically or monitor security systems while you are on vacation.

  • Trim trees and shrubs


One of the biggest clues that someone is not home is an unkempt lawn and driveway. So, trimming your trees and shrubs before leaving may be a good idea. Moreover, you can ask your neighbors to take care of outdoor activities while you are away. Property management agents will also take care of this.

  • Leave on lights, radio, and TV using a programmable timer


Leaving the lights, radio, and TV on at a volume that can be heard from outside the house may fool burglars into thinking there is someone inside. Make sure to use a programmable timer to switch timers at a random setting to really fool thieves.

  • Hide valuables


Jewelry, cash, watches, electronics, or any other expensive item are the thieves’ and burglars’ goals. Therefore, keep your valuable things hidden and protected. The most crucial items should be kept in a household safe.


Burglars may also go after your identity, so you should also secure financial documents, security cards, and identification documents.

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  • Shut and lock all doors and windows


Even if you are taking a one-day trip, you must lock all the windows, doors, curtains, shades, and blinds, as many thieves simply enter through open doors and windows. If you frequently forget to lock your door, consider getting a smart lock that you can monitor via a phone app.

  • Make sure your outdoor lighting includes motion sensors and/or a timer


Another obvious sign that the house is empty is the darkness. This makes it possible for burglars to break in undetected. Therefore, keep the lights on to give the impression that someone is home. Moreover, you can get motion-detecting lights or smart lighting systems that are controlled remotely.




Coming home from a vacation and seeing that burglars broke into your house is a buzzkill. So, you should take a few steps to secure and protect your home while you are away. You can also ask friends, neighbors, or family to sometimes check, or you can hire a property management company to do all the work in and around your house, so the burglars think that there is someone home.


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