“Lẩu Dê” (goat hotpot)

, “Lẩu Dê” (goat hotpot)
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“Lẩu Dê” (goat hotpot) is quite famous in Vietnam for its nutritious value and appetizing flavor. The goat is burnt on the fire until well-done and pungent. And then meat and bone are separated and aromatized with a lot of flavoring spices before cooking it with medicine herbs in half of day. The goat meat and bone are tender, creating a sweet and flavoring broth, typical of “lẩu dê”. Unlike other hotpots, “lẩu dê” is boiled in a clay pot by a coal cooker. Little by little, various veggie including fresh cabbage, water morning glory, carrot, celery as well as tofu, “mỳ bánh đa”, a kind of vermicelli and taro are added into the boiling clay pot.
, “Lẩu Dê” (goat hotpot)Photo: laudebinhduong.com

And when foods become tender and imbued with sweet flavor of the stock, let enjoy the dish. Just pick up some hot meat slices, dip it into a special sauce, called “chao”, and then savor, if not devour, the meat sweetness mingled with the spicy, sweet, greasy, and salty of “chao”.  Instead of “chao”, northern people often serve with “tương” that is not less yummy. Additionally, medicine herb fragrance in the broth makes the hotpot more intriguing.

Each restaurant has its own recipe for spices, herbs and sauces. Hope that you can enjoy all kinds.

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