Last-Minute Gift Ideas to Steal Hearts of Your Loved Ones

, Last-Minute Gift Ideas to Steal Hearts of Your Loved Ones

, Last-Minute Gift Ideas to Steal Hearts of Your Loved Ones

The festive season is nearly over, but you still have the time to surprise your loved ones with thoughtful gifts that will clearly show your love for them. We understand that finding a gift this year has been quite hectic especially considering the ongoing pandemic and the supply chain congestions. Or you have been too busy to pick a gift and time has really gone by. That shouldn’t dampen your spirits of finding the perfect gift. Lucky for you, we have rounded up a list of 5 last-minute gift selections that are surely going to help you score with your loved one this festive season. Here are the suggestions that you can pick from.


Seasonal candles


Nothing beats a home filled with sweet fragrance on a cold night these holidays. It is pure heaven and a real luxury. So, if you have a loved one who is obsessed with candles, look no further than a pack of seasonal candles. Get them their favorite scents to make sure that you steal their hearts. You can never go wrong with Diptyque scented candles. Their velvety white musk scents with mimosa accents are popular this festive season and are a delightful choice for anyone. If you have a fashionista loved one, choosing the Olivia Rubin candle gift set from Elemis scented candles would be a great choice for them. And, if you are after beautiful packaging, Jo Loves scented candles are your best bet. Whichever brand you choose, seasonal candles are something that the people you give will love and treasure.

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Swiss Formex watch


Getting your loved one something to remember you by every time they wear it is the best way to help them keep you closer. A Swiss watch from Formex makes a perfect choice in this category. Formex watches are designed with comfort in mind. Every watch features a patented case suspension system and a shock absorption system that is meant to protect watch movement for maximum comfort on the wrist. Another great feature geared towards comfort on the wrist is the quick release system coupled with the ultra-lightweight carbon fiber clasps that make it easy to adjust the length of the straps easily and quickly. In addition, Formex watches are stylish, making them a great choice for any of your loved ones.


Online class subscription

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So many people can appreciate adding a skill or two to their portfolio. It is actually a welcome idea for most people during the pandemic. That is why you can never go wrong with giving an online class subscription to a loved one. Think of a skill that a loved one has always wanted to learn or a class that they have always wanted to join. If you are not sure of a course that might interest them, consider paying for a digital class such as MasterClass. This way, they can choose what they want to do for themselves.


Air fryer


This is another gift that is popular this holiday season and all for good reasons. An air fryer cooks faster than an oven, which makes them energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly. It doesn’t only get food ready quicker, but also at a cheaper cost. Anyone can do with a little bit of savings especially in these hard economic times. If you are thinking of gifting a loved one who loves cooking, or who has just had his or her kitchen renovated, this would be a nice addition to his or her kitchen appliances.

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Coloring book & markers


A coloring book with markers would be a great way to steal the heart of the young ones. But, it can also be a great gift for anyone. Coloring is a nice activity for unwinding and distressing when things get crazy out there. Getting one for your loved ones is a nice and fun way to remind them to slow down when they become overwhelmed.



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Finding a perfect gift that can show your thoughtfulness can be quite an uphill task. It gets even harder when time has really gone by and you have to shop at the last minute. Well, we have made the work easier for you. The gifts listed above make the ideal gift for almost everyone. Make your choice and prepare to delight your loved one.


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