Last hospital field in Hai Duong closed

, Last hospital field in Hai Duong closed

The last field hospital for Covid-19 patients in the northern province of Hai Duong has been officially closed after finishing its tasks.

The hospital was upgraded from a workshop area of Sao Do University’s vocational training centre in Chi Linh City. The hospital, which started operation from February 26, provided treatment for 193 Covid-19 patients.

To date, only 21 among the patients remain. They have been sent to the Hai Duong Hospital for Tropical Diseases for further treatment.

Earlier, due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Hai Duong, three field hospitals were built in the locality. They are now all shut and no Covid-19 patients at the hospitals have died.

By Wednesdays, the province had 726 Covid-19 cases, including 685 discharged from hospital. At present, only four among a total of 17,561 people who had close contact with Coviod-19 cases are still being quarantined.

This article was originally published in Dtinews

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