Lam Dong publicly discloses violating tourism businesses

, Lam Dong publicly discloses violating tourism businesses


Tourism and service businesses in Lam Dong, when identified as violating regulations, will be publicly disclosed on local information pages for residents and tourists to be informed.

On November 21, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Lam Dong Province, stated that the provincial People’s Committee assigned the department to take the lead in coordinating with relevant departments and local authorities to establish an inspection team to review tourism and service businesses in the area.


Wildflower season in Lam Dong attracts tourists. Photo: Binh An.

This action was taken as Lam Dong Province assessed that there are still many limitations in state management of tourism. Spontaneous tourism businesses have emerged that do not meet the required conditions, leading to issues such as dishonest business practices, uncivilized behavior, and inadequate safety measures for tourists.

Therefore, the inspection team focuses on legal conditions for investment, construction, and operation, ensuring compliance with regulated standards for conditional business sectors, such as public order, fire prevention and fighting, food safety, and occupational safety and hygiene. Additionally, standards for employees, pricing registration, and public disclosure of establishments are also being examined.

According to Ms. Ngoc, the inspection process is carried out openly, transparently, and objectively. Depending on the severity and nature of violations, measures will be taken in accordance with regulations. Specifically, if safety conditions are not met, the operation of the service will be decisively suspended until the necessary conditions are fulfilled.

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Tourist area where 4 foreign tourists died in Lam Dong. Photo: VL.

In addition, the inter-agency team will create records and publicly disclose information about tourism and service businesses on the provincial electronic portal, the electronic information page of the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, the electronic information page of the Provincial Center for Investment Promotion, smart tourism applications, and other appropriate forms. This aims to facilitate tourists in choosing quality and reputable tourism businesses.

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Recently, some tourists in Lam Dong have encountered incidents. Most recently, on the morning of October 26, a female South Korean tourist fell to her death while taking photos on a rocky outcrop at Langbiang Mountain. After this incident, the enterprise announced the suspension of all sightseeing activities at Langbiang tourist area until further notice.

Earlier, on October 24, unexpected floods occurred at the stream in the Cu Lan Village tourist area in Lac Duong district, causing the death of four South Korean tourists. The People’s Committee of Lam Dong Province has requested localities and companies to strengthen the management and review of adventure tourism and outdoor activities to ensure the safety of tourists.


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