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Vietnam is known for its cultural diversity with 54 ethnic groups, of which the Kinh or Viet make up nearly 90% of the total population. The Kinh also possess a number of characteristics that are different from other ethnic groups in Vietnam and create a unique feature in the world. Majority in Vietnam, Kinh people live mainly in lowland areas and urban centers such as the delta of two largest rivers in Vietnam (Red River and Mekong River) or coastal provinces such as Da Nang. , Nghe An, Khanh Hoa… They are considered the most “developed” of all ethnic groups, playing a leading role in most fields, especially economics, science, technology and education. .


In general, of all the ethnic groups in Vietnam, the Kinh’s costumes and costumes seem the most modern and modest. Of all the iconic costumes, the “Ao Dai”, whose basic design is an Ao Dai with slits on the sides, is known to be the most representative of the country. The graceful and elegant image has become the status of Vietnamese women, loved by not only Vietnamese but also foreigners around the world. Today, Ao Dai is still a popular outfit in daily life, can be considered as the uniform of many schools, universities or is required in many workplaces, from Vietnam Airlines flight attendants to Vietnam Airlines. hotel reception. What is more interesting, “Ao Dai” in recent years has been stylized to enhance versatility and popularity, highly artistic and suitable for each specific use.

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However, in the past, Vietnamese people dressed quite differently. Men have to wear ao dai with split sides and a turban, while women are used to more glamorous clothes called “Ao Dai” with three layers of different colors and four equally divided slits in the lower part. . In the past, Kinh women also had another amazing feature that most of them blackened their teeth to be considered more beautiful. Notably, although the costumes of the Kinh people have gradually changed with the development of society, these traditional costumes are still sometimes restored today in traditional festivals and events. especially, always remind the next generations of the priceless cultural heritage.

In daily life, with the influence of Western and Eastern fashion trends, Kinh people often wear jeans and other simple clothes in most countries, although rarely seen in Vietnamese ethnic groups. Another male.


Festivals are regularly held in the Kinh community, and there are a number of notable traditional events that foreigners are encouraged to include in their travel books. Some are nationally organized on a really large scale like a lunar festival or the Mid-Autumn Festival, while others may be regional like the Cua Lo River Bridge Festival.

You can be the luckiest tourist if you visit Vietnam around the time of the festival. This is a great opportunity to mingle with the locals and enjoy their new adventures.


Vietnamese people in general are inclined towards the spiritual life, always respecting their ancestors with annual worship and maintaining beliefs with many customs and habits. For example, celebrated on the 10th day of the third lunar month every year, the Hung Kings Commemoration Day is the most important day for Vietnamese people to honor the country’s pioneers. Vu Lan’s Day is another occasion for people to express their gratitude and gratitude to their mother and give their kind hearts to those with more difficult circumstances than themselves. In addition to these important events, the Kinh people are also famous for their interest in regularly organizing social and cultural programs with traditional art forms such as Cheo, Tuong. They show the Vietnamese people’s love of art and are also an opportunity for people to regularly exchange and show solidarity in a community.

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Without a doubt, an indispensable attraction for foreigners when they visit Vietnam in general and discover the culture of the Kinh people in particular is food. For foreigners, Pho seems to be a typical Vietnamese condiment that they feel most familiar with. Besides, each region has its own famous food or fruit; something to be proud of for the locals. These can be mentioned as “Hue beo cake”, “Thanh Hoa spring rolls”, “Phuc Trach pomelo”, “Hung Yen longan”.

In some provinces in the Southwest region, the market is lively on the river, where each boat is a shop selling all kinds of things, especially a variety of fruits. And in the countryside, one can witness farmers laboring enthusiastically during the harvest and enjoying the sweaty yet cheerful working atmosphere. It is difficult for words to describe all the special and interesting things of Vietnam’s fine customs and traditions; Therefore, the best advice is that you should experience it yourself to absorb until the end of life and spiritual culture of the Kinh people.


Once visiting Vietnam, you will surely be impressed by the kindness and friendliness of the Vietnamese people. Portraits of Vietnamese people are often described as industrious, persistent, resilient and hospitable. Particularly the Kinh people, who make up the majority and are considered the most developed community in Vietnam, perform as representatives of the nation to welcome and introduce their beloved homeland to visitors. Everywhere, it is easy to see warm smiles and feel the help of Vietnamese people. That is why Vietnam has become one of the most attractive destinations, not only because of its unique landscapes and long-standing culture, but also because of its warm people.

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