Job Scraping With Proxies to Find the Best Opportunities

, Job Scraping With Proxies to Find the Best Opportunities

Job scraping may be defined as a process of web scraping job postings. This technique is used to spot trends and collect information regarding various jobs available online.

Once you know how to do it and are employing the right tools, rest assured that you would be able to learn anything you want to know about any positions you desire.

Let us see how you can start job scraping with proxies so as to find the very best opportunities available out there:

You should conduct your research beforehand

Always remember that the core purpose of a job search is not to find an activity to waste your time, but to sell your skills. Basically, you will be looking for the very best offer available for your highly specific skill set. Your time, experience, and expertise all have a certain worth. One that you assign to your own skills. This is why you should conduct your job search as methodically as possible. Sometimes, you will be able to hit pay dirt simply by researching a potential employer.

It will help you gain an insight regarding compensation packages and rates

First and foremost, it will help you to find out exactly how much your potential employers are willing to pay for a specific job.  Here it is pertinent to note that two jobs with similar specifications may pay very differently. This differs from organization to organization. Ergo, it is not enough to merely check the first two or three listings on a job page. On the contrary, you should aim to understand the overall job market situation for your skills, on average.


Apart from that, you would do well to check out other fringe benefits apart from monthly remuneration packages. For example, some companies may not pay well, but they might have comprehensive insurance packages for your entire family. There are also lucrative commission packages, fuel, and utilities-related allowances, maybe, even a company car.  Check out the entire market before you finally decide on a package and company.

Geographic differences between various places

Skillset values also vary from place to place. Let us assume for example that you are a civil engineer. However, your city may not require many civil engineers per se, due to a lack of construction activities. However, your education and experience may be in high demand in a new and developing city. In that case, your remuneration will be in accordance with your skillset and demand.  

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Using the right research tools will directly allow you to learn about the demand and consequently the value of your services in other cities, states, and even countries. This knowledge will definitely help you to make the right decisions on moving for a specific job or staying put in your home city. You will also be able to negotiate a whole lot better once you know what others are going to pay for your services.

Use the right meta keywords

When you are in the process of applying for certain specific jobs,  you will have to transform your resume accordingly.  This is the best way to meet employer expectations. Job portals and adverts have certain keywords advertising specific skills. You would know in advance what keywords and skills to use so that you will be picked up by the recruitment teams of the places where you apply. Of course, the more targeted adverts you line up, the greater will be the chance of being called for an interview. This way, you will have multiple offers at hand. Apart from that, you will also have a very good idea of exactly what you are worth, so you will be able to make an informed decision regarding your future employment.

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However, you must keep in mind the importance of keeping your data and personal information secure. In order to do that, you can consider using a VPN after you have done enough research on such services and have found the best VPN reviewed.

Use residential proxies

Many service providers tend to geo-lock important content so you might not be able to access it from your location. Moreover, your data scraping activities can be noticed and your IP address might end up being permanently blocked. However, using residential proxies means you will be able to surf and scrape data without being flagged.


If you want the best possible career at ideal remuneration rates commensurate with your expertise and experience – you should consider job scraping with the help of residential proxies to land the best jobs out there.  

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