Job openings: Become a Content contributor for Vietnam Insider

, Job openings: Become a Content contributor for Vietnam Insider

Vietnam Insider is a fast-growing media site with deep finance, enterprise, tech, travel, life and other industry verticals. In addition to providing and analyzing business news, the site aggregates news stories on various subjects from around the web.

We are seeking for content contributors, who can work from anywhere to spread the good news and inspiriting stories from Vietnam to the world, details as below:


Candidates will respond to:

  • Write-up or Translate to English from Vietnamese reliable news source, which is informative and helpful for foreigners;
  • Publish the translated content to related categories on
  • Share the published articles with clickbait headline/ caption to the well-known expat communities

Notes: Every negative / illegal information, which against Vietnamese government or any organization/ individual not accepted.


  • Minimum 3 posts per day plus sharing to at least 03 well-known and relevant expat communities (Hanoi Massive, Expats in Saigon, Amazing Vietnam, Checkin Vietnam… ) or;
  • Minimum 05 posts without sharing to expat communities;



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