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Vietnam’s jackfruit

Jackfruit is considered the biggest fruit in Vietnam. The fruit is often oval-shaped with a green-to-yellow, thick, and spiky shell. The flesh is divided into small oval segments, but unlike in orange, the inside segments of jack-fruit bear similar to pomegranate but with larger seeds and larger glossy yellow pulps. It is honey-like sweet, sometimes crunchy, but the most delicious one is usually tender with a sweet fragrance.

, JackfruitPhoto: ngayam.com

There are many types of jackfruit sold in Vietnam including the original Vietnamese jackfruit, Nghe, To Nu, Thai, and seedless jackfruit.

How to eat

Jackfruit is the largest fruit and also the hardest to crack open. The fruit is often eaten raw, but the cutting process can get quite sticky. You need to lay papers or cardboard under it to prevent the resin from sticking all over the place. Use a sharp knife to split your fruit in half and then half again. Cut out the white core and continue with the knife to remove the hard shell. Or you can directly separate the segments by hands (with hand gloves if you do not want the resin stick on you), store them in the fridge (with cover), and you can have yourself a delicious meal dessert.

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However, in Vietnam, you can purchase well-served jackfruit, packed in boxes or bags selling in the markets and fruit stores. There is no need to worry about the resin on your hands anymore.

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Where is it grown in Vietnam

In late summer, you can see jackfruit sold in every Vietnam cities. Jackfruit is grown mostly in the countryside of provinces such as Lam Dong, Binh Duong and Dong Nai or concentrated on the Central Highlands and the Mekong Delta regions.

Major benefits

Jackfruit is rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are good for the body. It provides many benefits for human health, from strengthening the immune system, fighting cancer, helping the digestive system, maintaining healthy eyes and skin, reducing cholesterol in the blood, to preventing anemia. In addition to its nutritional value, jackfruit is also used as a medical element.

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But as jackfruit contains high fiber and sugar, overeating jackfruit or eating it when hungry or right after a meal can lead to skin and digestive problems, especially for those with diabetes, fatty liver, obesity, and children with a rash.

Food made from jackfruit

Food made from jackfruit is various, such as dried jackfruit, tea, ice cream. In Hue and the central part of Vietnam, people use jackfruit in mix salad, vegetable soup, and “chè.” Jackfruit seeds are also edible. The Vietnamese roast or boil the seeds to make a crunchy snack.

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