iPhone lock in Vietnam cannot be activated

, iPhone lock in Vietnam cannot be activated

At the present time, iPhone Lock in Vietnam cannot be activated to use features such as calling, texting or accessing the Internet via mobile network for the following reasons.

A network-locked iPhone, also known as an iPhone Lock, is a device purchased from a carrier on a contract basis, and software-locked so that only that carrier’s SIM can be used. 

This is a relatively popular model in Vietnam because it has a cheaper price than international machines, but the user experience is not much different. The reason is so because with the combination of the paired SIM and the ICCID code (a 20-digit activation code), iPhone Lock will be able to function fully with all features like an international iPhone. Users can even update the software or change SIM normally without worrying about being locked out. 

The only difference between international iPhone and iPhone Lock is that users will not be able to reset the device, because then they will have to pair the SIM from the beginning. In addition, iPhone Lock also has difficulties in using eSIM, making it impossible for users to use 2 SIMs with 2 waves as easily as international iPhones.

However, things took a turn for the worse in the last few days when all ICCID codes were disabled. This makes iPhone Lock unable to be activated to use features such as making calls, sending messages, connecting to the Internet via mobile networks… In other words, an iPhone Lock is now no different from a cell phone. high end iPod.

The dead ICCID code causes iPhone Lock in Vietnam to

A website specializing in updating ICCID codes says that now all ICCID codes are “dead”.

This issue only affects newly activated iPhone Lock, while existing iPhone Lock users will be able to continue using it normally. However, as mentioned above, if the user resets the device, they will not be able to activate the device again.The dead ICCID code causes iPhone Lock in Vietnam to "cover the mat" - Photo 2.The dead ICCID code causes iPhone Lock in Vietnam to "cover the mat" - Photo 2.

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A user on the group “iPhone Lock Vietnam Community” complains about not being able to SIM pair the newly purchased iPhone Lock

Previously, in mid-2019, iPhone Lock had a “dark” period when the paired SIM was disabled for more than 9 months. It is not clear how long this time, iPhone Lock will still have to “cover the mat”. However, it is clear that at the present time, users should not buy iPhone Lock if they do not want to face troubles during use.

Source: genk.vn

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