iPhone grows strongly in Vietnam

iPhone sales in Vietnam increased by 115% over the same period, reaching about 480,000 units in the second quarter.

After the move to reduce prices by 1-3 million dong for genuine iPhone lines, Apple’s phone sales in Vietnam increased sharply. Apple’s smartphone sales in the domestic market doubled over the same period and accounted for over 15% market share.

During the gloomy market period in the second quarter due to not many new product launches, high growth from Apple is a good sign in the high-end segment. This shows that Vietnamese people are spending more on expensive genuine phones.

iPhone sales up 115%

According to a recent announcement by Counterpoint Research, the number of iPhones sold in Vietnam in the second quarter more than doubled in the same period last year. Specifically, Apple phone sales in Vietnam market increased by 115%. Apple is also the mobile company with the strongest growth during the low market months.

Counterpoint Research believes that the strong growth in the high-end segment, selling prices above $ 400 is driven by Apple products. Apple’s expansion of the official distribution system helps the brand reach a wider range of customers.

doanh so iphone tang anh 1

doanh so iphone tang anh 1

Smartphone market share in Vietnam in the second quarter. Photo: Counterpoint Research.

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“The group of high-end smartphones, over 400 USD has increased by about 75% over the same period. Revenue mainly comes from iPhone 11, iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S. Besides, Apple continuously reduces the price of old iPhone models in Vietnam. The country has become one of the major markets for the company in Southeast Asia,” Akash Jatwala, an analyst at Counterpoint Research, told Zing.

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The fact that iPhone 11 was reduced to 10-12 million dong in the June period makes this device a good-selling phone model at many dealers. Speaking to Zing, Mr. Nguyen The Kha, representative of FPT Shop, said that the product achieved a growth rate of more than 50% after the price reduction, becoming a rival to many mid-range Android phone models.

According to Nguyen Lac Huy, a representative of retailer CellphoneS, Apple’s prolongation of the product life cycle, along with a reduction of 2-3 million dong per year, helps the device reach a group of users with lower spending.

“This helps the iOS operating system to be popularized, thereby creating opportunities to expand the ecosystem of other devices such as iPad, Mac, Apple Watch…”, Mr. Huy said.

doanh so iphone tang anh 2

doanh so iphone tang anh 2

The iPhone 11’s price reduction to 10 million dong is the driving force for Apple’s strong growth over the past time. Photo: Phonearena.

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Apple shows the effectiveness of the old iPhone price reduction strategy. This helps increase sales, expand customer segments. In addition, domestic retailers can handle a large number of products in stock, preparing for the upcoming iPhone 14 generation.

In addition, with a more enhanced position in the region, Apple Vietnam has just been added to the position of Country Director. This move is expected to help Apple implement more localized marketing and business strategies, suitable for domestic customers.

Apple is a bright spot in midst of gloomy period

With the growth rate more than doubling in the same period, Apple’s market share in Vietnam has expanded significantly.

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In the first quarter, Apple accounted for 10.6% of the domestic smartphone market share. This number increased to 15.4% in the second quarter. The company is currently ranked 3rd among the largest smartphone brands in Vietnam, after Samsung (38.4 percent) and Oppo (20.7%). Xiaomi and Vivo hold the remaining two positions in the group of top 5 domestic manufacturers.

doanh so iphone tang anh 3

doanh so iphone tang anh 3

A representative of Apple Vietnam was present at the company’s recent mono store opening event.

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Except for Apple’s impressive growth, Vietnam’s mobile market in the second quarter did not have much change. Total sales of devices decreased by 1% over the same period, reaching 3.2 million units.

Samsung continues to maintain its position as the largest mobile brand with about 1.2 million units sold in the second quarter, mainly in the mid-range A and M series devices. Particularly, Galaxy S also achieved good results, belonging to the best-selling flagship group in recent times.

In addition, the development of exclusive retail chains by Samsung and Apple, and the expansion of distribution systems, is a new direction of the market in recent times. According to an expert from Counterpoint Research, the mobile market is expected to grow in the coming time thanks to Samsung’s folding phones and newly launched iPhones.

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