iPad is Apple’s next product made in Vietnam

, iPad is Apple’s next product made in Vietnam

In a newly released report, Nikkei said for the first time Apple moved some production of iPad tablets to Vietnam.

Earlier in January 2021, Nikkei said Apple was considering expanding iPad production facilities outside of China, with the expected destination being Vietnam. However, the complicated situation of COVID-19 last year caused this plan to be postponed.

BYD, one of the leading iPad assemblers in China, helped Apple build a production line in Vietnam. According to Nikkei, the line may soon produce a small number of iPads in the near future. Nikkei said that the iPad will become the second product line produced by Apple in Vietnam, after the AirPods headset.

“This move not only shows Apple’s constant efforts in diversifying its supply chain, but also shows the growing importance of Vietnam to this company,” Nikkei said.

iPad made in Vietnam for the first timeiPad made in Vietnam for the first time

Last year, Apple produced 58 million iPads, with the majority of these device suppliers concentrated in China.

To further protect against supply chain disruptions, Apple has also asked suppliers to increase their supply of additional components such as printed circuit boards and mechanical and electronic parts, especially those Products are manufactured in and around Shanghai (China).

Specifically, Apple has asked component suppliers that have not been affected by the epidemic to accumulate components, with the goal of ensuring there is no shortage in the next few months. These requirements apply to all of its products, including iPhones, iPads, AirPods, and MacBooks.

Earlier on May 22, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was looking to boost the production of its products outside of China due to Beijing’s strict COVID-19 control policy. India, Vietnam and some Southeast Asian countries are the countries that Apple considers to shift production.

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Currently, more than 90% of Apple products such as iPhones, iPads and MacBook computers are made in China, by subcontractors.

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