Introduction of FUN88 Platform

, Introduction of FUN88 Platform

FUN88 comprehensive platform is established by Singapore Yifa Group and Vietnam Sequoia International Capital in Vietnam for US$10 billion.

It provides the most professional online gaming system and a “safe, reliable and ultimate” service experience. It has built the most authoritative and comprehensive gaming platform in Vietnam. It has long held the tenet of “customer first, user first” to provide the best experience for all users.

We are committed to providing the safest and fairest gaming experience for every customer. We have a professional risk control team certified by TST, which guarantees the safety of our customers’ funds. It will help you realize your dreams of wealth.

The company’s role is to organize healthy recreational activities for the people, rewarding them by state regulations to change the idle income of the masses into the state budget and build local social welfare projects.

About Yifa Group

Singapore Yifa Group, established in 2008, is headquartered in Serangoon, Singapore, with a registered capital of US$2 million. Yifa adheres to the philosophy of being people-oriented, pursuing excellence, and seeking common ground while reserving differences building a brand of integrity. The company takes part of its equity to reward active partners in the market. To promote the spirit of the Yifa Group, it is now recruiting people from all over the world so that they can participate in online entertainment activities! The company has reached a sound strategic partnership with several financial and investment institutions worldwide. To build the NO.1 brand in the global investment industry, Yifa overturns the traditional investment concept and effectively operates the tangible and intangible assets owned by the Group through various operation methods such as flow, investment, combination, optimization, etc. to maximize added value!

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Our tenet: Strength makes extraordinary; integrity builds brand.

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