Internet in Vietnam

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Vietnam is relatively well-connected to the internet. There are various internet service providers available that offer various types of packages at competitive rates, allowing for easy Internet access and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Your rental accommodation will likely already have high-speed wifi, and getting data for your mobile phone is inexpensive.

Types of connection in Vietnam

Most Vietnamese cities are now connected to the Internet. It is likely that if you are renting a unit in a populated area, there will already be a fast and stable internet connection. You can also enjoy free access to Wi-Fi in the majority of cafes and restaurants.

Prepaid Internet cards that do not require any kind of registration are available in the unlikely event that your rental accommodation does not provide internet. These are available in all supermarkets and electronics stores from around VND 100,000.

Data for mobile devices is inexpensive and available for registration across major cities. It is best to look into this when you arrive. However, you are strongly advised to ensure prior to departure that your mobile phone is unlocked to use SIM cards for networks outside of your country. Vettel is the most trusted network in Vietnam and prepaid data packages begin from as little as 150,000 VND.


You can use Skype to communicate with friends and relatives in Vietnam and abroad. You simply have to download the free software onto your device. This will allow you to make free video calls or to call on foreign mobile and landline phones at competitive prices. Zoom is another fantastic service.

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Cybercafes in Vietnam

If you have neither a computer nor a mobile phone, you can still surf the web in an Internet cafe, which are still available in most Vietnamese cities. The quality of the connection offered is fairly good. A good rule of thumb is if the cafe is busy, it likely has the fastest connection!

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