International visitors to Hanoi are 3 times more than last year

, International visitors to Hanoi are 3 times more than last year

It is heartening to learn that Hanoi has become a popular and trusted destination among international tourists. As per the Hanoi Department of Tourism, by the end of November, the city had welcomed 22.6 million visitors, of which 4.1 million were international tourists. These numbers are more than three times the same period last year, and it’s an incredible achievement for Hanoi’s tourism industry. It’s a testament to the city’s cultural vibrancy, breathtaking landscapes, and commitment to hosting engaging events and festivals.

It’s worth mentioning that Hanoi will be honored in 2023 by the World Travel Awards in three different categories, which is fantastic news. Additionally, it’s been rated by international tourists as one of the best winter vacation destinations in 2023 based on factors like cuisine, climate, and historical and cultural imprints.

The recent launch of 15 new night tourism products is an excellent initiative by Hanoi’s tourism industry. These products combine cultural and historical spaces with light art and modern technology to provide visitors with new and unique experiences. Besides, Hanoi’s night tourism products have become a crucial factor in attracting international tourists.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, ensuring the safety and well-being of tourists is of utmost importance. Capital Tourism has planned to improve the quality of products and tourist destinations associated with heritage relics and craft villages. They also aim to leverage domestic and international media channels and social networking platforms to promote Hanoi’s tourism industry and make it a safe, friendly, and attractive destination for international tourists.

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