Currently, people are having to receive advertising messages from carriers through many different numbers. Subscribers can block advertising and spam messages of the 4 major carriers in the following ways.

1. How to block advertising messages from Viettel network operator

Currently, every day, there are advertising messages from Viettel network that are sent to users through many different numbers. If you want to refuse all advertising messages from Viettel, you just need to compose TC message and send it to 199.

Note: This syntax will block all advertising messages from the carrier, so you will no longer receive information such as 25% card recharge promotion.

If you do not want to block all advertising messages, subscribers can send messages according to the following classification:

Block messages related to scratch cards: TC1 sent to 199

Block messages about promotional services except scratch cards: TC2 send 199.

Block messages from special programs of the switchboard: TC3 send 199.

Simple ways to block advertising messages coming from Viettel, MobiFone, Vinaphone and VietnamobileSimple ways to block advertising messages coming from Viettel, MobiFone, Vinaphone and Vietnamobile

2. How to block spam messages, advertising messages from MobiFone network operator

Subscribers using MobiFone network can block spam messages simply by following 2 steps:

Step 1: Users register for the service to block messages from strangers from MobiFone’s house with the syntax DK SB sent to 999.

Step 2: Enter the numbers you want to block such as Them SB DT1, DT2, … send to 999, with the service fee will be 5000 VND for 30 days of use.

In addition, with advertising programs from MobiFone network operator, subscribers can apply the following syntaxes:

Block advertising messages from operator switchboards: TC send 9241.

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Block weather messages: HUY TT send 1595.

3. How to block advertising messages from Vietnamobile

How to block advertising messages of Vietnamobile operator is done in one of the following two ways:

Method 1: Subscribers go to settings > click to select super sim Vietnamobile > click on DV activation item, at the activation interface click on disable service.

Method 2: Users can compose a message with the syntax HUY and send it to the switchboard number 2230. The message will activate the mode of not receiving advertising messages from the network operator.

4. How to block advertising messages from Vinaphone

Vinaphone subscribers can block spam messages through the following syntax:

Block promotional messages, text TC KM to 18001091

Block information about freight rates, compose TC GC and send to 18001091

Block newly updated service information, compose TC DV and send to 18001091

Block all ads of Vinaphone, text TC to 18001091

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