Insanemalls-Establish Vietnamese Social Circle of Top Traders Achieve Excellent Branded Tools for Selling Products

, Insanemalls-Establish Vietnamese Social Circle of Top Traders Achieve Excellent Branded Tools for Selling Products

In the e-commerce era, any product which is expected to be social currency with strong spreading capacity must be talking point. Especially in today’s era when the distribution form of centralized flow gradually declines and social e-commerce suddenly rises, it becomes more necessary to attach socializing characteristic to products.

At that crucial point, insanemalls emerged, which ignites the central operation principle of product spreading automatically by using socializing characteristic, bases on social e-commerce, takes community marketing as method, focuses on the power of progressive business and intends to achieve alliance of merchants and mutual benefits for customers. It connects merchants with customers by social contact, harmonizes them by community and integrates customers for merchants.

Everyone can ask to be merchant so that we can have customers distributed by the system, which can provide us with technology, service and cloud computing, match suitable customers and orders for us, assist merchants (supply chain, brand owner, Wechat business practitioners and so on) in gathering all kinds of top traders, so as to solve the central problem of having few customers and difficulty in selling products.

Today when traditional e-commerce gradually declines, interest e-commerce and social e-commerce has becomes new development points. Within today’s e-commerce, there still exist isolated islands of information in the degree and angle of most industries’ development about information, data and network. The flow and user entry of social e-commerce enable it to achieve real-time interaction, excavate and ignite demands and even to get customers involved in product design through the pre-announcement of products. C2B Model leads consumer demand from the era of popularization into that of personalization. In the future, personalization means popularization and its starting point is based on the continuous interaction with customers. In consumption era during which popularization means personalization, the most valuable and needed is a cooperation network, the whole dynamic optimization of which can produce a customized supply chain as demanded in real time, so as to satisfy the personalized demand of any point. Therefore, personalized demand spawns flexible supply chain, while the platform development of supply chain spawns C2B Model.

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As a marketing tool on the internet which can attract target customers accurately and seek for customers by fission, insanemalls makes great achievement by establishing a social new retailing system of C2B cloud-searching for customers. Now, the settled commodity include clothes, shoes, bags, accessory, makeup products, products for infants and moms, food, home depot and overseas products and the like. Under the arrangement of Market Management Committee, Market Supervision Committee, Product Quality Supervision Committee and Service Supervision Committee, the social new retailing circular system co-established by entrepreneurs, merchants and customers, integrating production, operation, consumption, supervision and management as a whole, is created. Merchants serve, support, supervise and contact each other closely, forming a community of shared interests.

There are five problems during the process of operation and sales for general traditional merchants, including obsolete and excess inventory and unsalable products leading to deficit; difficulty in finding customers and agents making it hard for brand proliferation; redundant and seriously homogeneous products failing to present differentiation; horizontal competition among fragmented merchants harming themselves in many ways; exploitation because of hierarchy and unprofitable situation affecting gains. These problems always put the business in irresistible dilemma and harm the benefits of merchants. In the face of rapid development of internet and the impact of smart technology, digitalization and socialization, traditional merchants must seek for the way of transition, otherwise they have to struggle in these problems and get smashed by huge new ecology.

Insanemalls aims at these problems of merchants and solve them at fixed point by taking the marketing system of the enterprise as tool so as to establish the social new retailing circular system co-built by entrepreneurs, merchants and customers. Merchants serve, support, supervise and contact each other closely, forming a community of shared interests. By building social scene with powerful stickiness, fully intensifying the cognition of customers and presenting commodity continuously in social scene, we endow this product with social attribute naturally so as to attract consumers to place orders and re-purchase them in imperceptible way.

Depending on its strong integration of social resources, insanemalls enables consumers to buy all goods required in daily life. And there are also shopping guides providing real-time and one-to-one service on the internet around the clock. More importantly, the social new retailing insanemalls creates exclusive membership system for Vietnamese consumers, on which, any consumer can register and become a member. Consumers with membership can buy all products and services of merchants settled on the platform. Meanwhile, the merchants settled on the platform can attract customers with low cost through membership system so as to boost the sales volume enormously.

As a channel for the social circle of top traders, at present, insanemalls has had hundreds of thousands of members in fields of education, e-commerce, retailing, offline and service. By creating a huge high-quality human resource library, insanemalls really becomes a huge resource library integrating and connecting people with flow, brand owner, supply chain, service provider, chain provider and all kinds of traders rapidly and efficiently.

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