Inconvenience when public restrooms are unsanitary

, Inconvenience when public restrooms are unsanitary


Ho Chi Minh City’s City Center Bus Station, near Ben Thanh Market, District 1, it’s a busy area, but there are just four public restrooms. Not only were there few, but they had all locked up. According to the motorbike taxi drivers here, there are four restrooms, two of which are out of order.

According to motorbike taxi drivers, no one seemed to worry about these public toilets. Furthermore, in order to meet the requirement for hygiene, some people risk using them, making them even dirtier.

In the minds of many city people, the deterioration of public toilets makes them very afraid to use or have to find a way to cope if forced to use.

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There are about 10 million inhabitants in Ho Chi Minh City, but only approximately 200 public restrooms serve residents and visitors.

Ho Chi Minh City has a plan to build 1,000 public toilets, however, it has not yet been implemented. The local authority has also organized a number of restaurants and hotels in the city center to share bathrooms with residents and visitors. However, some individuals, particularly low-income employees, are scared to utilize it since they must locate a spot to park their automobiles and belongings before entering.

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