According to the Chronicle, Miss Gibraltar 2022 1st Princess, Jaylynn Cruz, is currently representing Gibraltar in the prestigious Miss Grand International beauty pageant in Vietnam.

However, before embarking on this incredible journey, she dedicated a special tribute to her mother, Lynette Cruz, by recreating iconic moments from her mother’s past. In an exclusive interview with Charlene Figueras, Jaylynn and Lynette shared their heartfelt sentiments about this touching ‘Homage to my Mother’ photo shoot.

Jaylynn Cruz began her journey by taking time for herself, both mentally and physically. She expressed the importance of spending quality time with her loved ones while continuing her course in Positive Behaviour Support. To ensure she represents Gibraltar to the best of her ability, Jaylynn dedicated herself to preparing for the Miss Grand International pageant and exploring the history of her beloved Gibraltar.

Jaylynn’s mother, Lynette Cruz, was a former beauty pageant contestant, having participated in the 1993 Miss Gibraltar pageant. Jaylynn always admired her mother’s iconic photoshoot images and the confidence they exuded. Her mother’s success in the pageant, especially the stunning and unfiltered analog images taken by the legendary Eduardo Viotto, left a lasting impression on her.

Growing up in the close-knit community of Gibraltar, Jaylynn often heard comments like ‘que te parece a tu madre,’ highlighting the striking resemblance she shared with her mother. This connection became apparent during a 2017 photoshoot where Jaylynn noticed the similarities between her image and one of her mother’s earlier shots. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic that mother and daughter decided to embark on the journey of recreating Lynette’s iconic photoshoot.

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Yvette Aitken Perera played a significant role by lending Jaylynn the original dress worn by Lynette during her photoshoot, a masterpiece designed by Eduardo Viotto himself. The fact that the dress remained as beautiful as ever after all those years is a testament to the care and respect people hold for Eduardo Viotto’s creations.

Lynette Cruz recounted her original photoshoot in October 1992, which was initiated by the Plater Youth Club in Gibraltar, where she was a committee member. The shoot was an eye-opening experience that introduced her to the world of fashion, design, makeup, and creativity. She recalled the incredible team that supported her – Derek McMahon, Johnny Harper, Alex Britto, and the late Eduardo Viotto. The transformative experience allowed Lynette to see herself in a different light, leading her to participate in local pageants and ultimately, the Miss Gibraltar 1993 pageant.

When Jaylynn recreated her mother’s iconic images, Lynette was moved to tears. Watching her daughter reenact her poses and outfits allowed Lynette to relive the joy and confidence she had experienced during her own photoshoot. The special moment was a beautiful connection between mother and daughter, both bound by their shared experiences in the world of fashion and beauty.

Jaylynn Cruz’s ‘Homage to my Mother’ photo shoot is a heartfelt tribute to her mother, Lynette Cruz, and a journey that beautifully bridges the generational gap. This touching experience not only highlights the bond between mother and daughter but also the enduring legacy of fashion and creativity in Gibraltar. According to Chronicle, in Part 2 of this article, we will delve deeper into the emotions and experiences shared by Jaylynn and Lynette as they relive the past while forging their own unique paths in the world of beauty and fashion.

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