Hundreds leave Ho Chi Minh City due to Covid-19 outbreak

, Hundreds leave Ho Chi Minh City due to Covid-19 outbreak

Many people have left HCM City for their homes in Quang Ngai Province as the city is still under strict lockdown for Covid-19 prevention.

On July 22, Lieutenant Duong Hien Cong Luc, head of the traffic police team in Duc Pho, Quang Ngai Province, said the number of people returning from southern provinces, especially HCM City, by personal vehicles had surged in the past three days. On July 21 alone, the team at the checkpoint at Binh De Pass reported over 300 returnees. The team worked hard to regulate the traffic, guided people to fill in medical declaration forms and ensured preventive measures.

The police in Quang Ngai sent many trucks to carry hundreds of the returnees’ motorbikes to gathering places for disinfection. The returnees will recover their vehicles after their quarantine periods or ask their families to keep the vehicles.

Nguyen Thi Than, who returned from HCM City, said due to Covid-19 and social distancing, she couldn’t find jobs in HCM City. After her real-time RT-PCR test result came back negative, she and her husband immediately returned to their hometown.

According to Lieutenant Duong Hien Cong Luc, people who lie on their medical declaration forms and refuse to be quarantined will be fined or face criminal charges.

From June 26 until now, Quang Ngai has reported 223 cases. 50 patients have been treated and discharged. There are seven patients in serious conditions and 76 patients with light symptoms.

Quang Ngai authorities have also carried out plans to take people home from HCM City. Two buses have been prepared for 400 passengers who are mostly children, elderly people, pregnant women and people with difficult backgrounds.

This article was originally published in Dtinews

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