How will the next generation of iPhones be like?

, How will the next generation of iPhones be like?


The iPhone 16 Pro Max is said to come with a 6.9-inch display, making the overall device significantly larger.

While the iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to still use a 6.7-inch screen, according to the technology website 9to5Mac, the iPhone 16 Pro Max will increase to 6.9 inches. The larger screen will make the device 165 mm long and 77.2 mm wide, compared to the current iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is 159.8 mm long and 76.7 mm wide.

Furthermore, the product’s name may change. Instead of 16 Pro Max, the device could be named 16 Ultra to align with other Apple products such as the previously launched Watch Ultra.

Two analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young, who often provide accurate information about Apple products, also mentioned that the 2024 iPhone screen will increase in size to allow for more space for potential zoom lenses.

However, the news of Apple increasing the screen size has received mixed reactions. Many users on Twitter commented that an additional 0.2 inches does not significantly improve the experience, while making the device larger and less convenient for one-handed use. Others believe that as long as Apple utilizes the extra space to integrate more technologies, they are willing to accept a larger device in their pockets.

Previously, according to The Elec, the iPhone 16 Pro could incorporate an under-display Face ID facial recognition sensor, completely eliminating the current notch design. On the other hand, haptic feedback buttons may only appear from the iPhone 2025 onwards, as Apple has not yet resolved the technical issues related to haptic feedback technology before mass production.

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