How to Plan And Enjoy An Adventurous Road Trip With Your Friends

, How to Plan And Enjoy An Adventurous Road Trip With Your Friends

Sometimes planning a trip with one’s friends is almost as much fun as taking the actual trip itself.

You have all the time in the world to pore through information regarding different destinations. In fact, you have to do your due diligence before you buy the tickets or fuel up your vehicle/s and go on to take a memorable trip. Let us take a quick look at how you can also go about planning the most memorable trip of a lifetime with your friends 

  • Pick only like-minded friends 

While it is always good to have a large circle of friends who come from different schools of thought, all of your friends don’t always make the ideal traveling companions. It’s very important to choose your traveling buddies when going on a road trip. For example, suppose you all like guns and other combat weapons and want to bring them back from a gun show, but one of your friends is an avowed pacifist and doesn’t want anything to do with them. In this case, it won’t be a wise idea to travel with someone who doesn’t share your own passions and interests. 

Moreover, it would be a bad idea to drag him along in case there might be any legal complications when traveling with firearms. Always remember that you will be spending a lot of time in a very small space with many people. Eventually, they might end up getting on your nerves. Still, try to enjoy yourself and your group of friends because it’s important to spend time traveling with them as much as you can while you’re young.

  • Set a budget in advance
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This is the single most important thing you have to do before you commence planning on a road trip. You will have to decide on a specific budget and make certain that every member of your vacation trip or traveling group is willing to pay the amount required to go to any destination you like. If your friends are not willing to spring for a trip to Venice, (for instance) it might be worth your while to come up with a less expensive destination. Think about the budget you would need for your phone data, research which phone plan you should use, and check the best SIM only deals online. 

Remember, you will be sharing fuel expenses, food costs, and hotels along with sightseeing tours. If some of you decide to go for a higher-end plan, it won’t be fair to those who can’t afford it. If you’re planning on traveling on a teardrop trailer then consider getting the newest model that is ultralightweight, expandable, and organic-inspired. So make sure the amounts being spent are affordable for everyone, prior to looking for a dream destination. 

  • Make a few loose plans together

Plans are good only as long as they are made together. If one of you decides to wander off on his own in the wilderness while the others are sleeping, it might give others a mini-heart attack! Always make sure that you make plans together and everyone is on-board for everything. Of course, some level of compromise will be necessary.  

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For example, if one of you desperately wants to try an exotic dish like ‘Bannu Pulao” while you just want a simple club sandwich, you should be cool with it. Still, keep in mind some important things while traveling like keeping your passport with you, and other important documents you may need.

  • Learn to be flexible
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If you people get lost and Google Maps is not a help. Don’t blame each other but enjoy the absurdity of the situation. After all, the key reason your plans are so loose is their flexibility. Suppose you want to go to a museum but you can’t get any tickets In this case, you should simply switch to plan B and go and visit the home of a welcoming friend. After all, that is what friends in foreign cities and countries are for. Just don’t forget to give them a big hug before you leave! 

  • Split up every now and then 

You don’t have to be part of the group all the time, sometimes it is ok to go off alone to check out stuff that you are particularly passionate about, even if the others don’t share your passion. 

  • Do your own driving

While public transport is all well and good, nothing gives as much freedom and independence as driving your own vehicle. However, if you plan to drive abroad, you will definitely need an international driving license so make sure your documents are up-to-date. 

  • Conclusion

Planning trips with your friends is a pan-ultimate adventure, second only to taking the trip itself.  Just make sure you are with the right people and go and have a blast! 

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