How To Get Likes on YouTube: Tips with Examples of TOP Vietnamese Videos

, How To Get Likes on YouTube: Tips with Examples of TOP Vietnamese Videos

Unlike Instagram, YouTube keeps entrepreneurs and businesses focused on getting more likes for their content. For stable progress and to perform better and better many of them buy youtube likes but the purchase doesn’t drop the necessity to monitor and stimulate your organic growth.

Likes are an important indicator of your content quality and engagement rate, so you must pay a lot of attention and put much effort into getting them. Luckily, there are some effective techniques that will help young bloggers to gain more likes and improve their experience on YT. The best tips for that goal are exposed in this article, along with the examples of TOP Vietnamese videos.

Write Good Titles

The secret is that you should not only create the headline that will drive the attention to your video among others but make it totally relevant to the topic of your video. No need to reveal all the intrigue for the contents of it, but if viewers will meet the expectations they had from the title – they will thank you with their like and subscription. So, make sure that the name that you have chosen for your video, is corresponding to the topics in it.

Customize Your Thumbnails

Along with the proper title for your vid, you have to create visual support for your promotion – relevant and distinct thumbnail increases the chances that a user prefers your video before all and likes it. Here are the main tips to follow when you create a thumbnail for your next upload:

  • Use a pleasant color mix, pastel and mild for the background
  • Add details with more contrast colors, but try to leave the neon and too bright tones out of your range
  • Avoid adding too many elements, so your potential viewers can easily catch a clue about your content
  • Include at least one keyword in your text
  • If you use human faces, go for shoulder portraits or full body images
  • Create a similar design for all the thumbnails you create – this practice saves time and makes your content more recognized among users.
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Use Subtitles Or Closed Captions

Adding a text interpretation for your speech in the video widens your influence on youtube significantly. With closed captions in English, your content becomes available for a much bigger target group. Also, subtitles are a keyword pool, hence you can make your video even more discoverable for users. Try to avoid automatic captioning, though. Nowadays the mechanism of speech recognition on YouTube is not ideal, as it cannot count in all the specifications and diversity of human speech apparat, as well as certain dialectic forms that are natural to the region you live in – so your viewers can still lose some sense as they watch your video.

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Examine Your Audience

To get more likes on youtube, you have to understand well what your audience wants to see, what they like, and what they hate about bloggers on youtube. The first aid in this task would be a constant check of your progress using analytical tools, provided by YT, and third-party as well. Also, an effective method for understanding your audience would be periodic sociological research – look through the profiles of your competitors and top influencers of the niche. This practice will give you a full view of the current mood of your target group. Such examination gives you the opportunity to adjust your strategy in the short term, minimizing your risks to drop your rating down. And, the content that corresponds to users’ preferences, gets more likes easily.

Enter The Right Tags

Tags are specific terms or phrases that are used by YouTube’s algorithm to identify and categorize your content properly. Adding relevant tags to your videos is a key to getting your materials shown as a suggested video. Suggested content means, that after a user has watched one thematic video, the network will offer them the next one with a similar topic. And one of the main criteria that the system is using is video tags, along with description and title. To understand what tags will drive more viewers to you, examining tags that the top influencers of your niche are using.

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Remind Viewers To Like A Video

Including a call to action that means your viewers like and share your video, is a great thing to use. A gentle reminder in each video can increase your statistics effectively. But don’t preach. Motivate your followers instead. Getting more likes for the videos is your motivation for further work, as likes are an important part of engagement ratings. Faves increase your popularity on the platform, and only with the support of your subscribers, you can get a bigger revenue and spend more time on creating content that is valuable for them.

Interact With The Audience

As it was mentioned before, likes are the important ingredient of engagement on your channel. Along with such components as shares and comments, faves on youtube are an indicator of your content value. Having many likes is a signal for YouTube algorithms that many users consider your videos interesting, educating, or entertaining. Hence, your chances to go viral and become a trend on youtube are increasing rapidly. The level of engagement is a vital criterion for getting into trends. So your work is to encourage the audience to be active on your channel and with your videos. Ask your viewers directly through your videos, and don’t forget that you have to be very active on the platform yourself – answering comments, replying to other bloggers under their videos, liking and sharing other content you find interesting… lots and lots of things you can do on youtube in cooperation with your audience!

Get Inspired By Global Trends

It is hard to find something completely authentic on YouTube nowadays. Practically all niches are crowded, but in many cases, viewers appreciate your unique manner to reproduce and interpret the ideas you find more than completely authentic materials. So, in search of more likes to gain, watch through youtube trends that correspond to the interests of your target group. Use the existing content to build up to something new by yourself and try to see usual things from a different angle. Being original will find appreciation with likes and shares on YouTube.

Aim For Highest Quality

Nothing gains likes on youtube so fast and so effectively as top-quality content does. Even if the idea isn’t completely new. When a creator puts their soul into the video, it is always noticed by the public, and such content is always supported with faves and shares. With every season it is harder and harder to create something 100% original, so the more secure way is to produce videos that discover your inner esthetics and tastes. This statement is true both for visual components and for the sense that you fill your video with as well.


In general, top viewed videos in Vietnam are similar by their qualities to the top viewed content in other regions:

  • Transmitting the latest updates and actual information
  • High-quality entertainment
  • Local interests and perforations of the audience
  • Interesting personalities
  • Proper SEO and analytical work.


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