How To Find The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business?

, How To Find The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business?

Social media marketing is important and its importance for any business cannot really be questioned. This is the reason why social media marketers are so in demand. Social media markets help in increasing the exposure of the business cost-effectively. If you are not engaging in social media marketing, you are missing out a lot. However, simply using any social media platform is not the right approach. Growing your business is only possible when you use the right social media platforms. There are plenty of social media platforms, and choosing the right one can be a bit confusing. We have narrowed down the major social media platforms which you can use to grow your business further.

1. WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp now supports WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp is not only used by small businesses but also by big businesses. However, there is a difference in its usage by these businesses. Small businesses generally go for a direct WhatsApp Status to showcase their products and services to limited audiences. On the other hand, big companies typically use WhatsApp for offers, customer care service and shipment details. If you plan to use WhatsApp Business, do not use it for posting personal statuses like any Sad Status; use it strictly for business purposes only.

2. Instagram

There are more than 1.2 billion Instagram users, making it highly suitable for most businesses. If you are running a fashion or stationery business, then Instagram is the perfect tool to increase the business’s exposure. Reels, a newly introduced Instagram feature, ensures that with the right hashtag, you reach out to other like-minded people. The best part about Instagram marketing is that it is possible to grow on Instagram organically.

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Also, Instagram now supports Instagram shops. Therefore, you can start selling your products and services on Instagram itself. This entire step makes it extremely easy for the audience to purchase. In addition to that, you can also use Instagram to show support for a cause.

3. Facebook

Facebook is extremely popular in many countries. It is the perfect social media platform for generating leads. On top of it, you can use it for advertising your business. A highly customized advertisement is possible on Facebook, making connecting with the target audiences extremely easier.

Also, with the right engagement on Facebook, you can create a loyal base of followers and customers too. Further, we recommend you have an official page for your business on Facebook. Ask your customers to leave positive feedback once they are satisfied with your products and services. Positive feedback on Facebook will enable you to gain the trust of new customers.

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4. LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn is a professional online platform, it is still a social media platform. Irrespective of whether you want to run marketing on LinkedIn, it is important to create a company page on LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing is best if you are running a marketing campaign for a B2-B business. LinkedIn is generally used for lead generation. Appropriately using LinkedIn can grow customer acquisition for your business.

How To Engage In Social Media Marketing?

These social media platforms are mostly used for your social media marketing. Optimising your social media profile is essential regardless of where you are running your social media campaign. For instance, on Instagram, you can use the hashtags right on the profile to make it easier for people to find you. We recommend keeping the business logo as the profile picture for your brand.

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In addition to that, experiment with the content type on the social media platforms. On Instagram, you can work on creating impressive reels. On the other hand, on LinkedIn, you can go for an infographic with research-driven data. Most social media platforms allow users to use hashtags. Whenever possible, use the hashtag to reach out to more people organically. Lastly and most importantly, be consistent with your posts on social media platforms. The algorithm of the social media platforms is such that it will only take you seriously if you regularly push out content on the platforms.

You can use multiple social media platforms to grow your business. However, if you plan to do that, we recommend you customise the posts in a manner that can satisfy the different social media users.

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