How to be qualified for Business Chat Certificate by Chatwork?

Thursday, 12th May 2022 at Nikko Hotel, the official announcement ceremony on Business Chat Certificate for Vietnam Enterprise was held by Chatwork Vietnam.

The first 11 Vietnamese companies have passed the harsh requirements from Chatwork to be qualified for Business Chat Certificate. The requirements are not only passing the tests on Security and Data storage, but companies’ productivity has also been measured to ensure the productivity increased effectively as well as the way Group Chat Management is conducted properly for effective business communication.

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Entering Vietnam in 2016, Chatwork Vietnam is the first company to support local companies about Professional Chat and Horenso training through Business Chat system which more than 343,000 companies(*1) are using in Japan, Thailand, USA, Taiwan and Vietnam.

“Most of Vietnamese companies are working and communicating through Personal Chat applications and underestimating the highly potential risks such as leaking confidential information, lower productivity due to distraction or missing key information due to too many chatting groups. We bring Chatwork to Vietnam Market to solve these issues through the combination of Business Chat system and Modern working style culture” – Mr.Yutaka Horie – Global strategy Department manager

Attending the business chat certificate launching event, Mrs. Le Thi Thu Huong – Chairwoman of HCMC Consultant & Tax Agent Association (HTCAA), Former Vice President of HCMC Tax Authorities shared her speech: “Chatwork Vietnam has been a very supportive member of HTCAA as joining all activities of association in order to support other members in business development. More importantly, Chatwork Vietnam has been helping our members to improve their quality services not only in business management but also the communication platform improvement for consultancy services. In fact, Business Chat is still very new to Vietnamese enterprises but with a lot of efforts, Chatwork is helping PRO firms in accounting to catch the global trends of appling business Chat in Accounting industry.”

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Chatwork is a professional communication management system for businesses, founded in Japan in 2011 and currently used by 343,000 businesses as of December 2021. According to Nielsen NetView and Nielsen Mobile NetView Surveyed by April 2021, which holds No 1 amount of users in Japan for Business Chat tools. Chatwork was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in September 2019 with a market capitalization of nearly 500 million USD.

Horenso is a Japanese method of teamwork and communication while working. It is considered a communication “tool” at work, helping people in the same business have a common way of talking to unify the method of internal communication. The purpose of this method is to optimize communication in the workplace, thereby optimizing the value of the company and business. In Japan, any organization adheres to the Horenso method. They consider this the most systematic and effective risk prevention solution

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